The US want to create a quasi-state in the East of Syria and seize Syrian oil

Despite the fact that thanks to the actions of Russia and its allies, most of the territory of Syria was liberated from terrorists, some areas of the Arab Republic still remain under the control of militants. To achieve the complete destroy of terrorism is not yet possible, because the US try to prevent it in different ways. In the center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria yesterday they said that the so-called international coalition led by Washington, and the Kurdish formation of “Syrian democratic forces” only imitate the fight against the militants.
As a result, for example, terrorists have established full control over a part of the territory along the Eastern Bank of the Euphrates 20 kilometers long and captured about 700 civilians.
However, the fact that the US invaded Syria is not to fight terrorism, is known for a long time. Initially, Washington intended to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad and take the Arab Republic entirely under its control. Now, when the official Damascus has strengthened its influence and increased its strength, the US, with the help of Kurdish formations, plans to preserve at least the East of the country, where about 70% of its oil fields are located.
Earlier, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov noted that creating a Kurdish quasi-state on the Eastern Bank of the Euphrates river, the so-called Syrian Kurdistan, is an important task for Washington. Thus, the United States will be able not only to seize Syrian hydrocarbons, but also to keep the rear in Iraq for the militants, who will be able to hit Syria again.

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