What will they try to forget before the elections in Ukraine?

The Ukrainian authorities, a few days before the presidential and parliamentary elections, try to create the appearance of relative prosperity in their country. To do this, the population of the country will to protected from the flow of information from the Eastern territories of Ukraine, where the fighting is conducted. The Parliament is considering the bill No. 9068. It proposes to ban Ukrainian broadcasters from using terminology and expressions that support or justify the activities in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.
At first glance, this seems as a necessary step. However, according to most experts and journalists, this can lead to the fact that the television broadcast will completely loose information about the situation in the Donbass region. After all, a clear concept of” support or justification ” of the war in the East of the country is not spelled out in the law. This can lead to the fact that the current government will be able to interpret such materials as it will be convenient for them. This means that it will be able to exert pressure on the media. You can call it pre-election censorship.
Poroshenko and his team couldn’t restore integrity of the country and clear up the East of Ukraine from separatists. But they decided before the elections to artificially remove from the information space one of the topics that does not lead to the growth of popularity of the ruling elite. The same law will allow to toughen the state policy concerning such TV channels as NewsOne, Inter, 112 and some others. This will help to strengthen the position of the Pro-presidential Channel 5.
With the advent of this law, the information field of Ukraine will become more monotonous. The attempt to prescribe a bill with words that can not be pronounced on the air, provoked by the war in the Donbass region. But in fact, this document leads to the introduction of censorship in Ukraine with the possible subsequent closure of some TV channels.
In addition, the current government in Ukraine once again try to use the nationalist card. To this end, in the first reading the Verkhovna Rada has already adopted a bill that defines the Ukrainian language as the only state language, as well as regulates its application in public spheres of life. Penalties for non-compliance with the act are envisaged, as well as criminal liability for “public humiliation of the language”. Commenting on this document, the President of Ukraine Poroshenko said that he welcomed the bill, but expressed the hope that the second reading of the deputies will finalize it, taking into account the rights of national minorities. But no concrete action has yet been taken.
It is possible to assume that in the subsequent readings the law will be really processed. And it will be presented to a wide audience as a merit of the President in order to increase his rating before the elections.

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