American and Israeli companions are not allowed to sleep in peace sending to Syria S-300. The plans of these demolitions of peace and tranquility in the SAR are ambitious, but the danger posed by Russian anti-aircraft missile systems prevents them from spoiling with impunity. So, Kiev “partners”, who are ready for many things for the sake of Washington, were hooked up to their dastardly plan.
According to media reports, the joint delegation of the United States and Israel secretly visited Ukraine to familiarize themselves with several samples of the most important weapons, including the S-300 complexes. Ukrainian experts submissively told the “benefactors” about the tactical and technical characteristics of the S-300 countries at their disposal and offered to send American and Israeli fighters to Ukraine, who would evaluate the capabilities of the system during the Clear Sky exercise.
And, according to the media, this plan came to taste by Western partners. As a result, the United States sent 18 fourth-generation F-15C Eagle fighters to participate in exercises in Ukraine, and Israel – several pilots who, using American aircraft, had the opportunity to test the S-300. After practicing the Ukrainian models, Israeli aces were convinced of the “invulnerability” and advantage of the F-35 in a collision with Syrian S-300s. And with peace of mind they went home to prepare a new provocation against Syria.
As for the Ukrainians, they were not limited to the invitation, but also sent a 36D6M1-1 mobile radar station to the USA, the technologies of which were used in the S-300, stating that the characteristics of the air defense system in Ukraine are not fundamentally different from the parameters received by Syria from Russia modifications of S-300PMU2. A few days ago, Israeli Regional Cooperation Minister Tzhahi Hanegbi noted that the S-300 capabilities have long been taken into account by Israel in strategic planning. Immediately there was talk that some of the S-300 technologies were stolen by the US and the F-35, if necessary, would destroy the Russian air defense missiles aimed at Syria, since the Israeli Air Force had been training against the S-300 for many years in Greece (and in the US).
Meanwhile, Russian experts are confident that despite all the efforts, the United States and Israel will not succeed in obtaining or copying the technology of the S-300 zenith missile system.
Thus, according to Igor Korotchenko, director of the Center for Analysis of World Trade in Arms, “the system of data protection and counterintelligence and security measures at all stages of design, production and supply of these systems ensures that Russia, as the owner of the S-300 know-how, continues they appear. Therefore, all the speculations that technology has leaked to Israel and the US are stuffing. ”

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