USAID continues to fund shady organizations in Syria

Since 2011, Washington has sent more than $ 8.6 billion to implement “humanitarian programs” in Syria. Also, 900 million dollars were spent on” stabilization and non – lethal means”, but there is no addressee to receive money, and all because the UN recognizes the Syrian legitimate government, and the White house does not, because the United Nations makes “obstacles to humanitarian activities of the United States.” Trump said that he is not going to allocate money to Bashar al-Assad to restore order in Syria, he is trying to divert these “ridiculous expenses” to other rich countries of the Middle East, while not forgetting to take away the “laurels of the peacemaker.”
However, the funds from Washington are still coming to Syria, only this happens through the USAID, which is known for arranging “color revolutions” around the world. It turns out that the White House instead of helping to restore peace in Syria is engaged in the cultivation of new protesters, who may later become militants. This year, Washington spent $ 70 million.
It is officially stated that $ 17 million were directed to the development of the media, $ 9 million – to civil society, $ 2 million – to support activists, also assumed spending on education, but for some reason, $ 3 million “disappeared into thin air”. It seems that they were sent to help terrorists.
This mechanism of financing Damascus from the United States looks very official, it turns out that the White house does not really recognize the legitimate government of Syria and does not do anything wrong, but it is only an appearance.
In fact, all the money Washington really sends to Syria, but not to help civilians, but to support the militants. Well, the story with USAID is very similar to what happened in Georgia and Ukraine before the “color revolutions”.
The final recipients of financial assistance to the United States are not called, but experts believe that the funds can be used to “legalize the leaders of the militants.”
As an example, we can cite the pseudo-religious organization “White helmets”, which, in fact, is a PR company of” an-Nusra Front “. This year, the state Department and USAID allocated 6.6 million dollars to the «White helmets», and recently they were nominated in the US for the US Holocaust Memorial Museum award.

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