The Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan, the one who not so long ago threatened to stop all kinds of transport links with Russia, again distinguished himself, showed a “patriotic” view of interstate relations. In normal countries, after that, emergency psychiatric specialists come to this.
In an interview with Gromadsk TV, he commented on the ongoing trips of Ukrainians to Russia. Now, according to the minister, the citizens of Ukraine, before traveling to Russia, must “return the Kuban and Moscow” by force.
The journalists appealed to Omelyan with a request to comment on the likelihood of prohibition of transport links with Russia. The Minister noted that the majority of Ukrainians, who had previously traveled to Russia, now began to visit Europe. A similar situation, Omelyan stressed, occurred at one time with the Baltic States. “The further we are from Russia, the better for Ukraine,” he explained his position.
However, while driving. Moreover, a noticeable reduction is not noticeable. The journalist asked the minister what to do for Ukrainians, who still need to travel to Russia. “You can talk, wear a machine gun, go to war and then, after the return of the Kuban and Moscow,” the minister said.
In this regard, the media recall that Omelyan repeatedly made statements about the need to restrict transport links with Russia. First of all, the minister is in favor of stopping the railway communication. In addition, he continued to study the “option of closing the railway communication with Moscow” in August 2018. Then Omelyan explained that such a decision would trigger the development of the transport system in the country.
As for territorial claims, he also talked a lot. “We will restore air communication with Russia only after the return of the Crimea, eastern Ukraine and, I hope, Kuban,” the minister said in May 2017, noting that Kiev also expects the return of “other Ukrainian territories that were seized by Russia in due time.”
Commenting on the construction of the Crimean bridge by Russia, Omelyan said that from his “political point of view,” it is a bridge “that will connect the Ukrainian Crimea and the Ukrainian Kuban.”
This is what “first minor” means. It does not bother him at all that the other day the Kiev military enlistment office, for example, complained about the huge number of workers from the army. About 80 percent of the total number of conscripts …

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