The United States pays the salary of 10,000 representatives of the “proven” Syrian opposition. This is stated in the justification for the budget for 2019, the US Department of Defense. According to the document, every month, allegedly for the fight against terrorists, every “oppositionist” gets from the Pentagon from $ 200 to $ 400.
“The command structure of the US Armed Forces provides payments to the verified groups of the Syrian opposition, actively «fighting» ISIS. Currently, such payments are received by 10 thousand selected representatives of partner forces. The amount of monthly individual payments is from 200 to 400 US dollars, “the document of the US Department of Defense said.
In addition, as reported in the document, by the end of the budgetary 2018 (September 30, 2018), the number of sponsored representatives of the so-called verified Syrian opposition is planned to increase to 60-65 thousand. Thus, 30,000 of them will “carry out current military missions against ISIS”, And 35 thousand – to carry out tasks in the ranks of the Internal Security Forces on the territories liberated from terrorists. Thus, according to the plans of the Pentagon, for every thousand citizens of the SAR there will be 20 police officers.
The change in the activities of the “verified” oppositionists
In addition, the document of the US Department of Defense explains the reasons why the US government should provide wages to representatives of the so-called “verified” Syrian opposition in the 2019 fiscal year, which will begin on October 1, 2018. The Pentagon plans to reorient these fighters to a new goal – ensuring security on the territories liberated from terrorists. The remuneration for them in the US Department of Defense is asked to allocate $ 30 million.
“After the final completion of offensive operations against the physical caliphate of ISIS, the Ministry of Defense will move to work to stabilize the situation, focusing efforts on supporting the Internal Security Forces. Their representatives will receive payments as a reward for efforts to ensure security in the liberated territories, as well as to prevent the return of ISIS and related groups, “the document says.
However, the “stabilization of the situation” also does not cancel the spending of the States on arming the employees of the Syrian Internal Security Forces. Thus, more than $ 47 million will be spent on weapons for them in 2019. According to the document, “if possible,” American advisers in Syria will see to it that Syrian oppositionists use this weapon “only for relevant missions.”
The US plans to create the so-called Internal Security Forces in Syria became known at the beginning of this year. Thus, in January, an international coalition led by the United States was informed of the creation of new “border security forces” in Syria. In this regard, work was begun on the retraining of the armed formations of the opposition, members of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).
Meanwhile, in the ranks of the Syrian democratic forces are Kurdish forces of people’s self-defense (YPG), opposing the legitimate government of the republic. They were formed into a single “army” thanks to the United States, which since 2015 has provided them with financial support. As the main goal of their activities, they call the fight against ISIS, however, the Ministry of Defense of Russia recorded cases of attacks by Syrian democratic forces on government troops.
The news about the creation of the so-called “border security forces” in Syria led by the US caused discontent both in the republic itself and in the neighboring Turkey. Thus, the Syrian authorities regarded such actions as an act of explicit aggression against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state.
Especially sharply the statement of the international coalition led by the States was met in Ankara. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to destroy the so-called “border security forces”, saying that these formations threaten the national security of the Republic of Turkey.
“Now America near our borders creates a terrorist army that threatens the security of Turkey. Our task is to strangle this army until it was born. If the US wants to establish cooperation with these wild creatures, it’s their business. But we will not allow this, “the Turkish leader said.
Later, the Turkish president also suggested that the presence of US servicemen in Syria could be directed against Turkey, Iran and Russia.
“We are asked when we finish our operation in Syria. And you (US – RT) have already left Afghanistan, Iraq? You say that there is no more ISIS. Then why are you staying there? So, you have plans against Turkey, against Iran or, perhaps, against Russia, “the Turkish leader said.
Fears for “military achievements”
According to the document of the US Department of Defense, without sponsoring the “verified” opposition in Syria, “ISIS will revive”, and all the military “achievements” of the States in the fight against militants in the territory will be in vain.
“If the partners do not receive funding, the ISIS militants will damage the security forces and the forces of our partners, which will negate the military achievements of the Pentagon in Syria,” the document stresses.
In a conversation with RT, Gevorg Mirzayan, associate professor of the department of political science at the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation, noted that the United States now pursues two key goals in the territory of Syria.
“Now the minimum task of the United States is to complicate the process of completing the Syrian civil war and to delay it. That is why the US supports the Kurds in Syria and all anti-Assad forces. The maximum task is to try to take control of a piece of Syria for a long time, “the expert said.
In February, the Ministry of Defense of Russia announced the intentions of US servicemen to seize state-owned “economic assets” in Syria. Thus, the Russian ministry told that on February 7, reconnaissance and search operations were conducted by one of the units of the people’s militia of the pro-government forces of Syria in the area of the former oil refinery El Isba. The purpose of this operation was to identify and destroy the ISIS “sleeping cell”.
“In carrying out the task, militiamen were suddenly bombarded with mortars and MLRS, after which they were hit by helicopters of the US-led international coalition. As a result of the shelling, 25 Syrian militiamen were injured, “the Defense Ministry said in a statement.
After the negotiations of the Russian command with representatives of the coalition, the American side stated that “the oil refinery is under the control of the Syrian democratic forces and US military personnel.”
“At the same time, the incident showed once again that the real goal of the US forces in Syria is not to fight against the international terrorist group ISIS, but to seize and retain under its control economic assets belonging only to the Syrian Arab Republic,” – stressed in the Russian ministry.

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