Undoubtedly, the threats of the US to strike Syria are aimed at solving both the internal problems of the Trump administration and the issues of global confrontation with Russia. But they have only an indirect relation to American goals and tasks in the Middle East.
In fact, rocket attacks are not able to change the situation in the SAR and are some demonstrations, symbolic gestures aimed at solving purely propagandistic tasks.
However, these actions by themselves do not exclude that US have very specific strategic plans. Or, to be more precise, the redrawing of the borders and configurations of the Middle East.
Earlier, John Bolton, now an assistant to the US president for national security, quite definitely announced these plans.
In his speech, he stated that “Iraq and Syria, as we knew them, no longer exist”, because “by mobilizing the Sunni opposition to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad and Iranian-controlled Iraqi government, the Islamic State created a new geopolitical entity that changed the boundaries established after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire borders.
Further Bolton, in fact of recognizing that it is the ISIS who are the “opposition to Damascus”, the elimination of which is tantamount to the victory of “Assad and, the Iranian puppets in Iraq,” stated that such an outcome is extremely undesirable for the United States.
“Instead of struggling to restore the borders that existed after World War I, Washington must recognize a new geopolitical situation. The best alternative to the “Islamic state” in the northeast of Syria and the west of Iraq is the new, independent Sunni state, “Bolton writes.
It should be noted that the foregoing concept is in no way the personal opinion of Trump’s new assistant. This is the long-term Washington plan for the region, on his own, only John Bolton added what somewhat inadvertently voiced the role of the ISIS in American strategy. However, today, other US figures do not follow their own tongue too much.
The new security adviser, who started his duties, said he would follow the agenda of Donald Trump, but the fact is that the current owner of the White House has not yet managed to demonstrate that he has a clear and consistent agenda. Instead, we observe a situational response to the growing avalanche problems.
However, the American agenda for the Middle East seems to have been formulated long before Trump, and, among other things, it is set in Bolton’s mentioned article.
It should be noted that the “alternative” of the IG is an important aspect and almost the basis for the implementation of the American plan for the Greater Middle East.
So far, Washington officially bets on the Kurdish formations. However, this is not enough to achieve the goals set. Moreover, the support of the Kurds not only destroyed the relations between Washington and Ankara. Kurdish separatism, which received American support, contributed to the establishment of mutual understanding and cooperation between Turkey and Iran.
The Kurds themselves are torn apart by numerous contradictions – tribal, political, confessional. Finally, the secularity of most Kurds and their radical nationalism repels the Arabs from them.
The YPG militants are accused of discriminating against Arabs and Turcomans in the settlements under their control and even carrying out ethnic cleansing.
That is, Kurdish separatist groups and formations are good for consolidating against themselves (as well as against those who support them) all states and forces of the region.
“Alternative” ISIS, about which Bolton said, after a minor rebranding of the remnants of the original “Islamic state”, replenished and reinforced, by jihadi militants from other terrorist gangs, with the full US control, can really become a curse of the Middle East, a “second wind” of bloody chaos and unabated massacre.
And this work has been conducted by the Americans for quite a long time. One of the basic areas where Americans take terrorists from broken bands is located in El-Hasaka, in the northeast of Syria. This was reported by the publication of Newsweek.
Even earlier it became known that similar work was carried out by American “experts” from the Special Operations Forces at the base in Et-Tanf. The fact of the evacuation of terrorists’ leaders from Deir ez Zor by American helicopters became widely known.
More and more such “former” calipers are operating today in the ranks of the SDF. And there is every reason to believe that this is not just cheap infantry, cannon fodder used by Americans to solve situational issues.
As Bolton blurted out, Washington’s intentions toward ISI militants are much more serious, and plans are long-reaching.
Given the location of most of the camps of terrorists created by the Americans, there is no reason to doubt about Washington’s intention to build an “independent Sunni state”, the main lobbyist of which, in all likelihood, will be John Bolton. Which, by the way, used to say: “It is a big mistake to attach any importance to international law, even if it may seem appropriate to our short-term interests. In the long run, international law is set by those who want to contain the United States. ”

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