At the end of April, the Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios brought new data on drunkenness among the servicemen of the Ukrainian army.
According to him, last year only military prosecutors, through physical visits to military units and formations, sent 630 servicemen and nearly 1,300 people by administrative order, as a result of committing administrative offenses, including drunkenness to military prisons.
According to him, the command of the Armed Forces is “not interested in taking dirty linen out of the hut.” Therefore, these figures are significantly different from the actual situation in the AFU. Drunkenness and the commission of various offenses in the Ukrainian army on its soil, especially in the area of conducting Operation of the United Forces (OUF), is a common thing.
However, commanders forget that administrative violations of servicemen are carefully monitored by international organizations. And the adventures of the military now and then “float to the surface” for everyone to see. And these adventures are very disgusting. On the basis of alcoholism, Ukrainian soldiers kill, rape, rob. Moreover, not only the peaceful population of Donbass, but also each other …
“Anything that has been committed by the military on the territory during a special period of military operations in the state of inadequate behavior due to drinking alcohol or violating the requirements of the statute is under close scrutiny and monitoring by international institutions, the OSCE, as well as law enforcement agencies and the international Hague court,” said Matios.
It should be noted that at the end of the last year the military prosecutor reported that since 2014 non-combat losses of the AFU amounted to more than one thousand people. These figures differed sharply from the official information provided by the military department, which once again confirmed the statements made by the representatives of the DPR and LPR to conceal the real state of affairs related to the military conflict by the command of the Armed Forces.
Thus, according to Matios, out of 313,000 participants in the conflict in the Donbass region from Kiev, 554 people committed suicide. However, representatives of the headquarters of the AFU not so long ago stated that non-combat losses of the AFU for the entire period of military operations amounted to no more than three hundred people. Although only from the beginning of 2018 more than 40 Ukrainian militants committed suicide and at least 22 people were killed during drunks with colleagues. However some Ukrainian commanders try not to “take out rubbish out of the hut,” but the secret one still becomes obvious.

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