Americans opened new training centers for militants of “Dzhebhat al-Nusra” in Syria

Despite the repeated statements of the heads of foreign policy and military departments of Russia, Iran and Syria that the United States are preparing militants of various terrorist organizations operating in the territory of the Arab Republic, the American side does not notice the accusations and continues to prepare illegal gangs and radical groups, which provokes new turns of bloody war in the country and delays the restoration of peaceful life in the region.
Another confirmation, revealing the direct involvement of Washington in the preparation and supply of weapons and ammunition for militants of “Dzhebhat al-Nusra” and other terrorist groups, was a series of published messages in the social network Twitter users “EuphratesPost” and “News_of_the_north” referring to their own military sources claim, that the Americans, leading the coalition forces in Syria, created several new training camps for militants of terrorist organizations.
According to sources, a center for training militants “Al-Shahid Hosana Darbazi”, specializing in the training of commanders has opened. Currently, more than 60 people are trained on its basis.
It is also reported about “Al-Shahid Mazlum Kamyshla”, specializing in the training of snipers and suicide bombers. The preparation period is about 50 days. Today more than 120 people study at the center.
In addition, sources say that the training process with the militants is carried out by the American instructors with Arabic appearance without insignias on the uniform. The only thing that gives the American origin of the instructors is an English accent in the speech. The supply of weapons and ammunition of militants is carried out through the US base Al-TANF and terrorist training camp, located near the village of Al-Shaddadi.
There are more than enough facts confirming the direct involvement of Americans in the training of militants in Syria, but Washington continues to destabilize the situation in the country, pursuing its military, political and economic interests in the region, hiding behind the fight against international terrorism.

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