Russian military operation in Syria: the main outcomes for three years of war

Since Russia at the request of President Bashar al-Assad intervened in the conflict in Syria, three years have passed. The most important thing that has been achieved during this time is the destruction of the “Islamic state” – the largest terrorist group in the Middle East. However, not only this was noted by the Russian military. Thanks to their direct participation, the Syrian government forces managed to regain control over the entire territory of the country, with the exception of Idlib province, and to destroy about 86,000 militants.
Now the terrorists have been almost completely defeated, the conditions for the transition to a political settlement have finally appeared in Syria. Russia, in turn, continues to make great efforts to ensure that the current Syrian leadership and opposition can find compromises and stop disagreements for the sake of the final establishment of peace and stability in the country.
At the same time, Russia also continues to carry out a humanitarian mission in the Arab Republic. For these purposes, over 600 tons of food have already delivered to the base “Hamim”. In total, according to August, the Russian Federation has already supplied more than 2.8 thousand tons of food with, medicines and other basic necessities for Syrian citizens.
Speaking of what Russia received from the operation in Syria, it should be noted, first of all, invaluable combat experience. After all, more than 63,000 Russian servicemen took part in military operations against militants in total, and about 230 types of weapons and equipment were tested. Now all the knowledge and skills will be used for the development of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation, as well as for the creation of new and modernization of old weapons.
Despite the fact that Russia has already achieved unprecedented success in Syria, the province of Idlib continues to remain under the control of terrorists. However, Russia and Turkey have already developed a plan for the liberation of the city, in particular, created a so-called disarmament zone along the line of contact between Syrian government troops and militants. After heavy weapons are withdrawn from there, the armed groups that have not accepted the conditions of official Damascus will be eliminated, as a result of which the entire territory of the country will be under the control of the Syrian authorities.

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