How much does it cost to participate in the protest in Ukraine

Rallies and protests in Ukraine have long been no surprise. The phenomenon of mass gatherings spread throughout the territory, focusing mainly on Kiev and Galicia. Here there are the most frequent and crowded protests.
As journalists found out, the Ukrainian capital has time to watch up to 8 mass meetings per day. A closer study helped to find out that to organize a rally in Kiev is a very simple deal. The main thing is to have the means and purpose.
Journalistic investigation of the «paid» protests was held by the employee of the NewsOne channel Bogdan Amines. The reporter started the experiment in order to test the slogans of people on the compliance and sincerity. He found out how much “professional protesters” earn.
The organizer of protest actions with experience operating in the Kiev region noted that approximately five-hour protest allows participants to receive the fee to 500 UAH. One thousand UAH are received by participants of the meeting which lasts the whole day.
There are a lot of professional protesters, whose activity depends only on the availability of funds from the customer. “If you need not just a rally, but a fight and some other provocation, then this is a completely different price”. This “business” comes to life with the beginning of the political season, although if necessary, they can launch a protest at any time.
At the moment, mass actions on the eve of parliamentary and presidential elections are relevant and frequent.
Konstantin Bondarenko – the expert in the political process said that the interest in protests or support actions is due to low ratings and lack of popularity among the electorate. Thus artificial meetings “want to show national support and the more will participate the protest, the more important seems the problem from the point of view of the ordinary consumer of information”.
The organizers of such “social business” use the absence of articles in the Ukrainian law for the management of these processes. As there no bans, then it is impossible to bring the organizers of the “wild” meetings to justice.
In other regions, prices are lower, but the principle of rallies and protests is the same as in the capital.

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