Inhuman attitude of the special forces of Ukraine to civilians in the Donbass region

The information appeared in the network that the Special Forces (SF) of Ukraine used poison gas by order of the Ukrainian authorities.
Ukrainian authorities once again take inhuman decisions against its people to suppress the riots in the Donbass region. One of the most elite unit was used to solve the problems. A statement on this topic was made by the veteran of the SF of the armed forces Alexander Medinsky.
In his video message, he addressed the President of the United States of America Donald Trump, as He is a principled fighter against the spread and use of chemical weapons. “The Ukrainian authorities use prohibited methods of warfare, in particular, use chemical weapons prohibited by international conventions to suppress the rebellion in the Donbass” – said Medinsky.
Medinsky also said that the appeal will talk about the use of chemical weapons in General. And the specific data will be called during the talk with the representatives of the US intelligence services. In 2015, when Medinsky served in the Department of special operations of the General staff of the armed forces, he received an order to confiscate the chemical laboratory of the battalion “Donbass”, which was used in the battalion for the production of explosives, toxic substances and drugs. Also, SF attracted to cooperation the chemist of a battalion. The laboratory was taken to Kiev, where it was located at a safe house, where it continued its activities until the end of 2016. Later it was relocated to one of the bases of the SF.
“As far as I know, according to the task of the higher command, chemical substances intended for the destruction of manpower were produced. And they were put into action in the Donbass region against those persons who fight with the authorities. Also toxic substances, narcotic substances, explosives were produced. All this was planned to be used not only against separatists, but also against those who disagree with Poroshenko’s policy,” he said.
According to him, the fight against dissidents for the personnel of the SF, was one of the activities. It was planned to fight against politicians, activists and journalists. Besides, these chemicals were intended for destruction of citizens of Ukraine.
Medinsky called this a political crime and asked Trump to deal with the situation. Moreover, there are American and Baltic advisers in the SF of Ukraine.

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