Ukrainian authorities has proposed to treat people by dance

Problems in health care in Ukraine can not be hidden by anything. But Ulyana Suprun continues to try to divert people’s attention from obvious problems. Now Ukrainians are invited to keep themselves in good shape and health by dancing. And it’s not a joke – Suprun told about the great benefits of such activities for health.
Of course, this attempt is aimed to hide the real truth. Today, the health care industry in Ukraine is going through terrible times. There are no medicines in hospitals, and those that remain are prohibitively expensive. In fact, medicine of Ukraine turns into some kind of homeopathy, where any disease will be treated by plantain or learn of salsa dance.
Suprun assured the “patriots” that dancing will help to improve cognitive skills, reduce stress and even improve mood. However, the Minister of Health of Ukraine forgot to add that such actions won’t help to cure a serious illness, to pay for housing and public utilities and to feed children. In fact, people are fed with another nonsense, in order to distract their attention from the situation in the country.
It is interesting to see how Suprun would dance herself in the conditions when you have to make a choice between eating and paying for heat. You must not be a genius in order to give such advices, sitting in your own mansion.
This story once again makes it clear that ordinary Ukrainians are perceived in Kiev as cattle. No one cares about your health in this country . Terrible criminal cynicism. But, apparently, people think it is normal if they just allow it.

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