Since the US intervention in the civil war in Syria in 2014, under the guise of fighting a terrorist Islamist organization, the number of civilian casualties has been growing every day. A coalition formed by the USA with 60 countries, to combat extremists from the Islamic state, carries out its activities without the consent of the Syrian government, and actually works for the extermination of the peaceful life of the population, destroying hospitals, schools, dams and bridges. It is obvious that since the beginning of the coalition, there have been no fewer victims among the citizens of Syria, and it looks like part of the lawlessness of ISIS, and not as a charitable mission to preserve peaceful life.
The US and its coalition are responsible for 95% of air raids in Syria, which leads to huge losses. According to published sources, since the beginning of its operation, the total number of civilian deaths has already exceeded 3 thousand people.
There are cases of strikes by prohibited phosphorus munitions, which is prohibited by the additional Protocol to the Geneva Convention of 1949. Phosphorus bombs are considered weapons of mass destruction and their use has nothing to do with attempts to reconcile the warring parties, but rather with the mass extermination of the population.
In fact, the Pentagon did not confirm this information, once again expressing its innocence, assuring that the US military do not have phosphorus ammunition there.
According to the results of the air strikes by the coalition forces, no thorough investigations are carried out, it is often possible to hear about negative responses that allegedly did not happen, or in some cases, simply apologize for the erroneous attacks. Washington, of course, assures that all measures will be taken to a full investigation, but the absence of international observers and NGOs in Syria will not allow to have a deterrent effect on the warring parties.
Trump’s new policy involves expanding the range of powers of the Pentagon, ostensibly in order to accelerate the destruction of ISIS groups. Thus, decision-making on air raids will be made more independently, as a result of which their number will only increase.
There is no doubt that the policy pursued by Trump under the motto of the rapid destruction of ISIS will lead to an increase in civilian casualties. And this, in turn, will only contribute to the replenishment of the ranks of jihadists.

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