London went down in flames again! Britain has no weapons for war in Syria

Daily Mail decided to dispel all myths about the power of the British armed forces in Syria. They published a material in which they said that the UK did not send submarines to the Mediterranean sea to carry out a strike on government troops. The media of Britain, in fact, openly admitted the low fighting capacity of their army.
At the beginning of the year, Theresa May ordered to make a strike on Syria. This news immediately began to spread British media, complementing her stories with the submarines filled with cruise missiles, which are already halfway to the Mediterranean sea. Now, however, revealed the truth that no unit has been sent.
From this Daily Mail made a disappointing conclusion that Britain simply did not have the necessary funds to carry out the order of May. The reason for this is the deplorable state of the army. While NATO is trying to convince everyone of the enormous power, the Western media reveal the secrets of their armed forces, criticizing their combat capability.
The media expressed that the British army is hardly able to cope with daily duties in the North Atlantic Alliance, not to mention the readiness for the emergence of possible major threats. After the end of the cold war, the number of troops of the Kingdom was 160 thousand people, but after the introduction of reforms in 2010, the number of troops halved. The government plans, according to the Daily Mail, to reduce the army to 50 thousand.
As a result, Britain can become the owner of one of the smallest armies in Europe. After all, in fact, because of the spread throughout Europe, the United Kingdom military can not really have a confrontation in case of hostilities.
For example, a small unit of British troops at the Estonian NATO base. Number: 800 man and 10 tanks “Challenger.” The soldiers themselves call their presence there as the operation “Decoy duck”, because in the case of armed action against Russia, they will be simply sacrificed. So this is the opinion of the “valiant” soldiers of the British army.
Daily Mail noted the disgusting state of British technology. According to last year’s estimates, 21 of the 67 Tornado bombers and 43 of 135 Eurofighter Typhoon fighters were not combat-ready. But these are not all the reasons why the UK, as a participating country, showed the worst results in last year’s American exercises.
The media urged the country’s leadership not to save on the army, if the authorities do not want Britain to lose world influence. But Daily Mail was late. London has long merged its power into the expanses of cyberspace, in which the UK is also not particularly successful.

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