“Great maritime nation” Ukraine once again decided to “scare” Russia. The threat came from the depths of the social network Facebook – from the official page of the Ukranian Cabinet of Ministers. As it turned out, by the end of 2018, the Kiev leadership plans to deploy a full-fledged naval base on the Azov coast. It is emphasized that the main purpose of the base construction is the confrontation with Russia.
It is not mentioned how the country, whose fleet is a fake, plans to build a full-fledged naval base in three months. The place of construction is not mentioned too. Maybe the admirals, of the Ukrainian army have not yet decided.
The only proof of “global” self – affirmation of Ukraine on coast of the Azov sea is a transfer of two new armored motor boats from Nikolaev to Berdyansk – “Lubny” and “Kremenchug”. However, their appearance in the waters of the Azov sea does not look like the strengthening of the Ukrainian presence in the sea of Azov, but rather as a cheap anti-Russian provocation. The real threat of the boat, which construction has been repeatedly postponed due to miscalculations in the design, certainly do not represent. As one of the military experts said, these are “vessels, which were additionally supplied with iron sheets”. They were built by Poroshenko’s plant “Kuznya on Rybalsky” for almost three years. And this is the only achievement of the Ukrainian Navy in the post-Maidan period.
It is difficult to say about the other ways to scare Russia. Officially, there are more than fifty vessels in the list of the Ukrainian fleet, however, most of them are auxiliary ships, boats and inflatable boats. It is difficult to call it a «great fleet».
Pride of Ukraine the frigate “Hetman Sagaidachny” is capable to carry out operations as a part of group of the ships, but from the point of view of serious sea battle it is useless. Corvette “Vinnitsa”, was adopted in 1976 and has never been modernized and hopelessly outdated. And the amphibious assault ship “Yury Olefirenko” moves only by means of tugs. The others require major repairs, modernization and improvements, for which the Kiev government has no money, and will not have.
It sounds funny, but the most efficient of the Ukrainian Navy can be considered only a dozen motor boats, and a few rigid-hull inflatable boats, which the naval forces of Ukraine received from the Americans in 2015. To talk about their real clash with at least one real Russian warship is even embarrassing. No wonder back in 2016, the commander of the regiment “Azov”, an ardent Nazi Andrei Biletsky, which is difficult to blame for bias, said that Russia will sink “all this coastal funny fleet for 40 minutes.”
Looking at what is happening, we can conclude that the Ukrainian plans for the construction of the Azov naval base-another, unsubstantiated, dummy. The only purpose of construction of base is the plunder of budgetary funds. The current Kiev government certainly has experience in this matter.

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