Turkish news Agency Anadolu posted documents on the activities of the American PMCs Castle International in Syria.
As the Turks pointed out, the US PMCs closely cooperates with the YPG, which is considered a terrorist organization in Turkey and, consequently, the US actions are support for terrorism directed against Turkey. On the website of the PMC, it is presented as a” recognized leader in the market of international military services”, which provides its services in North Africa and the middle East, Syria and Iraq.
According to the information provided on the website, the company employs professionals who are “very well trained and silent” and provide their clients with special services in high-risk areas. The company, which claims to have performed evacuation and medical assistance operations in war zones, also serves as a special search and rescue unit. In addition to the rescue mission for those behind the front lines, the company’s employees, who provide basic infantry training, often consist of soldiers who previously served in war zones and retired from the army.
The 2016 insurance document on the campaign website indicates that Castle International is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA .
Many of the documents and photos of the company working with the terrorist organization YPG/PKK in Northern Syria are clearly on both sites and social networks. In addition to the agreement between the company and YPG, many of Castle’s employees, who are the company’s personnel, carry the symbols of a terrorist organization, and leave indications of this cooperation on social networks.
Many of the photos in the social media pages of the special projects Group ( SPG ) , which are associated with Castle International, show the joint work of members of the terrorist organization and personnel working in the company.
It’s worth noting that the faces of people who are Americans have been covered in photos.
The company has signed a contract with a terrorist organization
Website Castle International has a contract with the YPG as a terrorist organization . The contract States that YPG wants to establish ” a close relationship in the areas of expertise, military medical care and logistics with Castle International LLC to conclude a long-term contract agreement.”
The document for October 2014 is signed by members of the YPG Redur Xil and Naser Hajimansur and Dan Chirkoff, Ram and Michal Qarajouli .
It is known that the company, which the US uses according to them to fight the terrorist organization ISIS, provides paramedic service, military medicine and combat training in Syria. In September 2017, the company was allegedly transferred to Iraq. It is known that in the region there are many companies that cooperate with the United States. It is worth noting that the company does not publish photo reports on its social networks after 2017.
It is too early to say, but such direct accusations against the American PMCs cooperating with the Kurds, may be part of the expected increase in pressure on Kurds from Turkey, as the implementation is not presented to the public parts of the deal on Idlib.
If in the near future we see other steps of this kind, we can talk about the emerging trend.
Regarding the company itself, it is likely that its services are paid not by the Kurds, but by the Pentagon, which uses private contractors to account for the costs of operations in Syria.

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