A couple of days ago, Ukrainian Lieutenant General Vasily Bogdan expressed Ukraine’s intention to create a naval base on the sea of Azov until the end of 2018. That, according to him, will be a serious problem for Russia and force it to «sit down at the negotiating table”. This loud statement ironically was commented by the Chairman of the Russian movement of fleet support Mikhail Nenashev.
According to him, Ukraine is able to carry out this task with the same success as to build a military space base on Mars, as for this Ukrainian naval forces do not have the necessary number of personnel or technical capabilities. “There are only a couple of second class battleships In Odessa..
The expert also noted that the Azov sea itself is shallow and is intended for the development of fishing, tourism, multilateral cooperation between Ukraine and Russia, and certainly not for the construction of a base for warships.
However, it is obvious that Kiev is not interested in any base at all. This is just another reason to beg money from the West. Bogdan expressed confidence that in the implementation of this project to build a military base the US will help them. Well, the Ukranian authorities are waiting for the next tranche to divide it among themselves. It is interesting to see how they will give an account for the money.

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