The US prepare a new strike on Syria: CVN «Harry Truman» entered the Mediterranean sea

Despite the fact that in the Mediterranean sea are already several warships of NATO countries, Washington continues to increase its military presence near the coast of Syria. On the eve it became known that the carrier strike group of the US Navy led by the aircraft carrier «Harry Truman» began military operations there.
According to the Pentagon, a group of American warships, which in addition to the aircraft carrier included the missile cruiser Normandy and several destroyers, arrived to the Mediterranean sea to support the allies of the North Atlantic Alliance and protect the national interests of the United States in Europe and Africa.
However, such a significant increase in the military presence of the US naval forces near the coast of Syria indicates Washington’s preparation for a new provocation and possible strikes on objects in the territory of the Arab Republic. This is also indicated by the fact that a few days ago an American warship armed with cruise missiles entered the Persian Gulf, and a bomber, also armed with cruise missiles, was relocated to the air base in Qatar.
It is noteworthy that the build-up of the US military contingent near Syria occurred after successful talks between Russian and Turkish presidents Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan to resolve the situation in Idlib province. As you know, this region is the last stronghold of terrorist groups operating in the territory of the Arab Republic. Russia and Turkey have developed a strategy for its liberation. Since Washington is not interested in finishing the war in Syria, it will obviously take measures to escalate the conflict. This is the purpose of the strike group led by the aircraft carrier «Harry Truman».

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