Kiev explains this decision by Russia’s aggressive behavior. In addition, already existing units in the region will receive new weapons.
The other day it became known that Ukraine threw small armored artillery boats, but probably this is only the beginning. Kiev plans to send the Southern Naval Base from Nikolaev to the Sea of Azov. They also want to create a motor boat battalion, which will be regularly updated.
The reason for this was the fact that Russia detains for inspection the ships following to the Ukrainian ports. So, the Russian side is trying to protect itself and avoid possible danger. At the same time, Ukraine detained several ships under the Russian flag, and no one plans to release them. Checking the same vessels led to a decrease in turnover in the ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk.
According to the Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Omelyan, inspection by Russian border guards of 150 ships following to the ports of Ukraine or in the opposite direction led to the fact that the quantity of cargo processed in Mariupol fell by 10%, in Berdyansk – by 20%.
However, the build-up of military force by Ukraine can lead to provocation. This is said by the corresponding member of the Academy of Military Sciences of the Russian Federation Alexander Bartosh.
“In fact, the news that military provocations are possible on the part of Ukraine, have been going on for a long time, even talking about dates and other things. Similar rumors were in the past, and the year before last, but so far there has been no action. The incandescence of the situation is continuing, the boats of the Ukrainian Navy are being sent to the Azov Sea. All this really creates a basis for provocation, which can take serious scales, “the expert said.
Against this background, the US showed concern about the situation in the Sea of Azov.
Moreover, as the special representative of the US State Department for Ukraine Kurt Walker told, the Americans are even ready to help Ukraine in this matter and continue to supply arms.
Washington is worried by the fact that Russia has increased the presence of warships in the Sea of Azov, and also checks vessels entering and exiting from Ukrainian ports. The reasons for this problem, the US decided not to understand, but promised to help Ukraine. Moreover, the Navy was not independent and themselves began to strengthen their military presence.
Walker is confident that US assistance, in particular the deployment of anti-tank complexes in Ukraine, will help to restrain Russia’s aggression. The politician also said that a new project of financial assistance to Ukraine, intended for military purposes, was approved. In addition, according to Walker, the accomplished deliveries of American weapons have greatly helped Kiev.
Alexander Bartosh is sure that Washington does not want to help Ukraine.
“The US pursues its own interests, in particular, to strengthen itself on the shores of the Black and Azov Sea. And Ukraine is used as an instrument. They are now very active in contacts with the Ukrainian leadership, for example, they delivered anti-tank complexes to Ukraine. All this is done, not because the United States is such a supporter of democracy in Ukraine, because the United States needs to strengthen its position in Ukraine as an important springboard for increasing military pressure on Russia, “the expert believes.

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