For the first time during the seven-year war in Syria, Russia was able to conduct a successful information and diplomatic operation that violated the plans of the US and Britain to save the last stronghold of militants in the province of Idlib.
Even with the offensive of the Syrian government army that began in Idlib, with the support of Russian military intelligence services, information began to flow that the British special services intend to organize another provocation with the “chemical attack of Assad” through the front organization “Oliva” to bring the issue to the UN Security Council and to demand the cessation of hostilities.
After the military situation in Syria changed in favor of the government troops, the West engaged in a strange “peacekeeping”, which is to save the gangs of terrorists who were in a hopeless position. At the dug in Idlib 30 thousand terrorist hordes there are no chances for salvation by own strength. Therefore, Washington is pushing for “peace talks”, the main feature of which should be that they should not raise the question of the surrender of militants.
However, this time the Anglo-Saxons did not work. Moscow and Damascus began to act ahead of schedule, notifying the world about the preparation of the provocation. Information on the actions of its organizers was transmitted to the international media, including data on the time and place of delivery of chlorine containers, the kidnapping of children for production shootings, and the start of the filming in Jisr-Esh Shugur. At the same time, information was officially communicated through diplomatic channels to interested parties, and on the day of the launch, at the insistence of Moscow, the UN Security Council was convened. The main issue of the meeting was the question of the next “presentation” of a joint product manufactured by British special services and militants of the terrorist group “Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham” (“Jebhat An-Nusra”), banned in Russia, in the near future. And in order to remove the “concern” of the Anglo-Saxons with the “chemical problem”, Russia suggested that the US authorities name those facilities in Syria that they believe could be involved in the production or storage of chemical weapons and send representatives of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) .
All this made it possible to reduce the effect of the prepared provocation practically to zero. However, it is too early to say that she will be refused:
– the media is spreading “leaks” from the US and British intelligence services about the preparation of a new chemical attack by Asad;
– Trump sent a warning to Damascus and spoke in the spirit that one should not “angry” the US,
– The media says that a list of objects for crushing attacks on Syria has been compiled;
– An American destroyer The Sullivans with 56 cruise missiles arrived in the Persian Gulf, and a strategic bomber B-1B, armed with 24 cruise missiles, was transferred to the El-Udeid air base in Qatar; Through Gibraltar, an American submarine entered the Mediterranean with “tomahawks” on board.
The flywheel is untwisted, and it’s not so easy to stop it. However, this fuss can not obscure the main thing: the Syrian tragedy will soon be laid. With the beginning of the attack on the gangs of terrorists in Idlib, their defeat will be inevitable. The US and Britain have no way to prevent the collapse of their Syrian project. More precisely, the only way – full-scale intervention in Syria. All other actions, including “retaliation strikes,” which are much talked about, will only testify to the inability of Washington and London to change the state of affairs in Syria in their own interests. The Yugoslav version of 1999 will not be repeated: first, Moscow renders and is ready to further provide Damascus with the necessary military assistance; Second, Bashar Assad, such a serious ally as Iran, does not intend to retreat; thirdly (and, perhaps, in the main ones), in the American and world public opinion the shift is not in favor of the Trump administration.
Opponents of the current US president during his time in the White House was no less, but more. And the opponents of Trump are concentrated in America, and not beyond. This understanding was reflected in the record that Donald Trump made in his “Twitter” on the day of the meeting on Syria in the UN Security Council: “We did not find anything that would demonstrate a conflict between President Trump and Russia, an absolute zero, but every day we get more and more documents about the conflict between the FBI and the Ministry of Justice, the election campaign of Hillary, foreign spies and Russians. Incredible. ”
Given the already shown inconsistency of Washington’s foreign policy, the same day when Gibraltar hosted an American submarine with “tomahawks”, the Russian command began large maneuvers off the coast of Syria. Maneuvers are represented by all Russian naval groups: ships of the Northern Fleet, combat vessels of the Baltic Fleet, the Black Sea Fleet and the Caspian military flotilla. Two submarines, 32 military aircraft, including strategic bombers take part in the exercises.

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