The duplicity and aggression of the West is clearly indicated itself in the policy which it pursues in the middle East. To begin with, under completely far-fetched pretexts, the United States invaded a number of States. By overthrowing legitimate governments, they engaged in the «establishment of democracy», which resulted the death of millions of civilians.
The same fate awaited Syria. In violation of all international norms, without any grounds, the United States and the coalition countries invaded the country, ostensibly to fight international terrorism. Although their true goals were quite different: the overthrow of the legitimate President Bashar al-Assad and the ability to control access to oil and gas fields.
But they were prevented from carrying out their plans by Russia, which at the request of the legitimate leadership of the country came to help. It was the only force capable for defeating ISIS.
Nevertheless, it is still too early to consider that the terrorists in the territory of the Syrian Republic have been killed. The remnants of militants are now concentrated in Idlib province and still pose a danger to the country.
Russian military aerospace forces are ready to help the Syrian government and put an end to terrorism. However, this is hampered by the US and the coalition countries.
Another proof that the West is not interested in the destruction of terrorists, are the words of French foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Draian.
Speaking on BFMTV, he said that the attack of Syrian and Russian troops on terrorist forces in Idlib threatens Western countries, as a large number of terrorists who are now there, can «disperse» to Western countries. This, according to Le Drian, can not be allowed, and there is still time to defend against this scenario.
As you can see, the fight against terrorism is not included in the plans of the West. After all, the French Minister calls to leave the militants alone. The question is, why then shout to the whole world about his fight against the”world evil”? And how to explain the illegal presence of coalition forces on the territory of a sovereign state?

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