The Ukrainian patriots were again offended not by Russians, but by British and Americans. First, the largest British news service BBC News reported that against Ukrainian troops in the Donbass fighting Ukrainian rebels. After that, the American magazine The National Interest reported that the Crimea will never be Ukrainian.
“There is no crisis in Ukraine. There is aggression of Russia against Ukraine”,-the press-the Secretary of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Mariana Betsa wrote in “Twitter”. And angry descendants and admirers of Bandera urged to kill the observer of the National Interest Doug Bandow. It’s Ukrainian to call for the killing of those who tell the truth.
The BBC News was guilty before Kiev that posted a publication about the funeral of Alexander Zakharchenko, having the temerity to call him the leader of the rebels. I mean, the British news service wrote it like it was. It is quite natural that Ukrainians did not like this truth.
However, even more Ukrainians were offended by the American columnist Doug Bandow, who wrote in the magazine The National Interest that “today Kiev has no chance to regain control of the Crimea.” Moreover, the American is sure that even critics of policy of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin “recognize that the Crimea forever was a part of Russia”.
It should be noted that a senior researcher at the Cato Institute with a specialization in foreign policy and civil liberties Doug Bandow has repeatedly shown prudence, speaking on the pages of the National Interest, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Times. So, in one of articles he declared that Ukraine can’t enter NATO.
Unfortunately, the level of sanity possessed by some Western journalists is unknown in Ukraine. Today’s Kiev lives in the middle ages, where they prefer to kill honest people .

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