The media reported that in the near future Trump is seriously going to think about how to strike the objects of the Russian military in Syria. The reason for such thoughts are allegedly planned chemical attacks by Assad in Idlib province. Ask yourself, what does Russia? This is a rhetorical question, and the answer lies much deeper than just looking at the world’s military conflicts.
Russia is a threat to the United States. The United States do not expect danger to the population of the country from Russia. But they are very afraid that Russia will become a world leader in terms of living standards, wealth and influence, and they do not want this, because they dream of omnipotence and unlimited power over the whole world. And here, in parallel with such fears, the US stumbles upon Russia in Syria, which does not allow US to reset the legitimate government and establish a puppet, as Washington has already done in differrent states. Moreover, with the arrival of Russian to support Syria, the country for the year actually completely destroyed the centers of terrorist organizations. And now the US is simply taking revenge as the terrorists were also their wards.
From there, the endless «planned» chemicalattacks– the United States simply does not know how else to implement their plan of veiled intervention into Syria, not being an open aggressor. However, the United States at the same time, while accusing Russia and Syria of the use of chemical weapons, themselves make strikes with phosphorus bombs prohibited for use. There was the fact of the use of such bombs in the area of Deir ez-Zor on September 8. It was in the village of Hajin. There is no information about the dead and injured in open sources, but it does not change the case.
The US accuses Russia of aggression, but Russia is the victim of their propaganda, while the true aggressor, who does not consider the victims and the amount of blood of civilians on their hands, is the US.

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