Another regular session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in Kiev was held. Earlier, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin announced the readiness of Ukrainian politicians to amend the Constitution of Ukraine so that the deployment of NATO military bases on the territory of state became a reality.

However, everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance. In the Constitution of Ukraine there is article 17, which states that the deployment of foreign military bases is not allowed on the territory of Ukraine. In order to make changes, it is necessary to remember that this article is in the “protected” section. Changes in this section can occur only after a referendum is held.

Apparently, the Kiev regime does not plan to hold a referendum, since the support of this initiative on the part of the population is scanty.

Having lived for many years in Ukraine and watching what happened in Montenegro,Dragan Stanojevic on the air of the “Opinion” program of the News Front TV commented on the motivation of Ukrainian parliamentarians.

“I watch Ukrainian news every time, every time I am surprised. Living in Ukraine and taking part in various rallies, I saw the discontent of the Ukrainian people, because then they understood what NATO is. The Ukrainian people understand that NATO has bombed Yugoslavia, that NATO is a “dirty truncheon” of the United States, designed to put certain nations on their knees, forcing them to comply with Washington’s demands, “said Stanojevic.

The news of amending the Constitution also deeply affected the indigenous Dnipropetrovsk. “I do not know if there is such a practice anywhere else in another country. If today Ukraine makes amendments on joining NATO, and after a while there will be some kind of new European organization, what will the authorities do in Ukraine then? Where will Ukraine be a member? “, The expert asks the question.

Dragan Stanojevic drew attention to the situation with Kosovo, because Kosovo is also not a member of NATO, but there is an American base. “Today, Kosovo is the largest transit point for drug trafficking. All drugs go to Europe through Kosovo, and all of this is covered by NATO forces. Today, there is an outrage there. Do you need the same for the Ukrainian people? “, The expert stressed.

Summing up, the expert drew attention to the fact that President Poroshenko may not be interested in the opinion of his people at all, but do as he sees fit.

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