In an effort to control post-war Syria, the US is determined to ensure the continuation of the war.
In 2013, Obama administration officials described their policies in the Syrian war as supporting the continuation of the war. The administration wanted to obtain a great place at the negotiating table which, as explained by the officials meant to ensure that the war will continue without a clear winner.
The Trump administration, apparently, move to the same destructive set of priorities in Syria. “Washington Post” this week quoted an unnamed administration official: “now our task is to create a protracted crisis for Russia and the Syrian regime until we get what we want.”
As usual, the US really wants the dominant position in the post-war negotiations so that they can dictate what Syria will be like after the war. This means ensuring that the Syrian government does not win the war completely.
This is not as realistic as the Assad government, with the Russia’s support, has regained control of all rebel-held territory, with the exception of the Northern Bastion in Idlib, where al-Qaeda dominates. This means that the US now needs to save al-Qaeda in order to continue the war, and to be honest, this has been a current hidden trend in US policy towards Syria for many years.
It is this desire that has repeatedly forced the US to threaten military intervention if chemical weapons are involved in the attack on Idlib. It is this desire that makes Russia strongly believe media reports that rebels can “stage” a fake chemical attack just to drag the US into war, and will be confident enough that it will work.
After all, the US is constantly talking about the upcoming chemical attack, despite the fact that there is no reason to believe that Syria is going to carry out such an attack. The US officials have admitted privately that there are no signs that Syria is taking any steps to even prepare such weapons for an offensive. And yet several times a week, the United States make statements that occupy a prominent place in the chemical charges of conspiracy, creating the conditions for the reaction.
The Syrian war has been coming to an end for several months, and Israeli officials admit that in their view, it is almost over (while promising not to comply with any post-war agreements). However, if the war is lost and the plan fails, the US government is often the last to know, and this leads them to prolong the war as long as possible.

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