After protracted military conflicts, it takes time and quite a lot of money for the state to restore peaceful life. It is difficult for any country to cope with the consequences of post-war destruction and unstable humanitarian situation. Therefore, other economically developed countries come to stabilize the humanitarian situation in the post-war period in the country.
So far, few of the world’s successful powers have expressed a desire to help the Syrian people to restore peace after a long seven-year war.
At this time, only Russia continues to carry out a humanitarian mission in Syria, organizing humanitarian actions on a daily basis.
For example, on September 6, the Russian military from the Center for reconciliation of the warring parties held simultaneously two humanitarian actions for the residents of Mleha El Garbine in the province of Darya and Umm al-Daama in the province of Homs.
A total of seven hundred and fifty food packages were distributed in these settlements (three hundred food packages in the village of Mleha al-Garbine and four hundred and fifty in the village of Umm al-Daama).
In addition, along with the distribution of humanitarian aid, military doctors organized the reception of the local population to provide medical assistance. More than three hundred Syrians were in need of medical care, and medicines (207 of them were children in the village of Mleha al-Garbine, and 103 in the village of Umm al-Daama).
These are mainly elderly people with cardiovascular diseases and children with colds.
The head of the village of Umm ed-Dam, said that Russian aid for the residents of this village is a great honor because the humanitarian situation remains very precarious. People have not yet moved away from the war, just begin to get used to a peaceful life.
“Our residents are very grateful to Russia for its support. Thank you Russian people for helping the Syrians,” the head of Umm al – Daam said in conclusion.
The head of the settlement of Mleha-El-Garbine also addressed with gratitude to the Russian military personnel who delivered humanitarian freight. He declared that inhabitants of his settlement, are very touched and grateful for their help.
Since the calm of the military conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic, Russia has delivered almost three thousand tons of humanitarian aid. Now the Russian Federation continues to provide humanitarian assistance to the long-suffering Syrian people.
The Russian leadership has repeatedly appealed to the leaders of many European countries to join the humanitarian mission in Syria.
However, at present, there have not been any action aimed at helping to stabilize the humanitarian situation in Syria from the “strongest of the world”.

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