Disputes on the Sea of Azov

The internal sea of Ukraine and Russia is rapidly turning into the next direction of confrontation. In any case, that’s what they think in Ukraine. However, to listen to them, so they have been at war with Russia for the past five years …
The authorities of Ukraine in the near future will increase the grouping of ships, the number of marine infantry and artillery in the Azov direction. This is stated in the statement of the press center of the Ukrainian Navy command with reference to the statement of the commander Igor Voronchenko.
As the press service notes, the increase in military presence in this region is necessary “for the reliable protection of all borders and peaceful production activities in the water area of the Azov Sea.”
Back in early August, Secretary of the Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine (NSDC), Alexander Turchinov, suggested strengthening the military presence in the Azov Sea. In Kiev, they saw “attempts by Russia to actually launch a military and economic blockade of the Azov coast of Ukraine.” In particular, in order to protect against Russian “expansion,” according to the NSDC secretary, Ukraine needs to relocate a part of the naval and naval personnel of the Ukrainian Navy to the region, deploy additional posts to monitor the coast and organize new rapid response teams to respond to provocations.
Everything explains the phrase “ship-boat”. In fact, these are boats of Ukrainian border guards, since there is nothing more serious in the Azov Sea from the neighboring country. Nevertheless, these boats are ideal for sinking in case of Ukrainian provocation. With a subsequent hubbub in all international instances.
The forces of the Ukrainian Navy in the Azov Sea are united in Mariupol detachment of maritime security. It has up to 20 boats, of which more than half are small. The flagship of the detachment is the border patrol ship of Soviet construction “Donbass” with a displacement of about 200 tons. At the same time, Ukrainian military intelligence reported on the transfer of 40 warships of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia to the Sea of Azov and the establishment of full control over its water area by Russia.
Recall that it all began with a Russian vessel “Nord”. The captain was arrested on charges of “violating the procedure for entering and leaving the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine with the aim of harming the interests of the state.” Russian border guards began a thorough search of Ukrainian ships and foreign ones going to / from Mariupol and Berdyansk.
State Border Service of Ukraine last week reported that Russian border guards detained about 150 Ukrainian ships near the Kerch Strait in the Sea of Azov. However, nothing illegal happens. Under the Treaty of Friendship between Russia and Ukraine from 2003, countries regard the Sea of Azov as the inland waters of both countries. Thus, Russian and Ukrainian border guards can conduct inspections of foreign vessels.
It remains only to add that the Treaty of Friendship remained for a short time …

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