The secret Directive on Syria

On the eve of the Russian media published a secret UN Directive on the restoration of Syria. Two things became obvious from this document: first, the world organization does not intend to participate in the reconstruction of the Arab Republic; secondly, Western countries continue to use the UN for their own selfish purposes.
The first thing that draws attention is that the world organization will begin to provide any assistance to Syria only after the “comprehensive political transition” in this country. This is obviously about a change of power in this country. To be even more precise, the UN actually insists on overthrowing incumbent President Bashar al-Assad. This indicates that the United States is behind the development of this secret Directive, for which the departure of the current Syrian leader is a fundamental moment.
The document also states that the world organization will not take part in the reconstruction of the Syrian economy, but will only provide humanitarian assistance to local residents. This fact definitely speaks for itself.
All this, as already noted, speaks not only about the unwillingness of the UN Secretariat to fulfill its duties, namely to provide comprehensive assistance to countries in need, but also that the West uses this organization for its own purposes. This, in particular, was previously pointed out by the head of the Russian foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov.
This is another proof of the fact that only is take concrete steps to normalize the situation in Syria. It not only helps the country to be free of terrorists and provides humanitarian assistance, but also helps to restore its economy, in particular, through the development of bilateral trade and economic cooperation.

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