American battleships near Syria

The situation around Syria is heated to the limit-the Pentagon has already compiled a list of objects in this middle East country for a massive missile strike. Earlier, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov harshly warned the West “not to play with fire.” Moscow and Washington pull to the shores of Syria in the Mediterranean sea their most powerful military groups for all time of the Syrian conflict.
The US Navy has ships that, like no other in the world, are packed with electronics and automated control systems that facilitate the work of sailors, but this can be a big problem for Americans in the case of a real war.
According to experts, the next war will be analog, and the US surface fleet is not ready for this. Especially they rely on digital technologies in such an area as communications, propulsion and navigation. As the result they have a fleet that may not be able to survive after the first missile strike or hacking attack.
Some modern technologies completely replace analog equivalents, as happened in the case of gas turbines and steam engines. It is impossible to operate a modern turbine without electronic control. Somewhere analog equivalents are stored, but in fact they can not be used simply because sailors do not really learn how to use them. As an example, we can cite a situation when the communication system between ships fails. They completely forgot how to use a signal or semaphore alphabet, Morse code.
Moreover, the cases of electronics failure in practice are not so rare. The US Navy, with delay began to re-train sailors with astronomical navigation, but even this may be in vain – on many ships, because there are no paper maps.

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