Why do the United States organize provocations and support the militants in Syria?

Recently, the situation around Syria has become one of the most discussed in the world. It all started with the US accusations against the Syrian leadership in the intentions to commit a chemical attack in the province of Idlib. According to the American authorities, SAR President Bashar al-Assad allegedly plans the attack in the region with the use of chemical weapons. And if that really happens, America will make a “decisive strike.”
However, as usual, Washington did not provide any evidence to support its words. But there are a lot of facts indicating that the United States with the hands of terrorists intend to carry out a provocation with the use of chlorine. This will be the pretext for a missile attack on the Syrian government troops.
One such proof is the delivery of chlorine barrels to two terrorist bases. Actually, according to the militants themselves, after they use chemical weapons, the West will hit Assad.
It is worth to pay attention to other events that occurred on the eve of a few dozen kilometers from Palmyra. There was a clash between Syrian troops and a group of terrorists. As a result of firefight two militants were captured, and one of them during the interrogation, revealed details of the offensive. As he told, their camp is near to military base of the USA, and the American instructors participated in preparation of attack. In addition, weapons and ammunition militants also received from the United States.
All this once again proves that Washington strongly supports terrorists in order to create chaos in Syria, and demonstrates the intention to increase the presence of its troops on the territory of the Arab Republic. This is also supported by the US plans to deploy another missile defense system in the North of the SAR. But what is the purpose? There may be several reasons, but the main ones are to gain a foothold in the region and to take over oil fields.

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