The stronghold of terrorism in Syria has a financial leak

Internecine conflicts between militants in the province of Idlib do not stop, the reason for this was the difficult financial situation in the ranks of radical groups, due to the reduction of their funding from Western sponsors and the flight of high-ranking leaders with the money of ordinary militants to the “tolerant” countries.
Therefore, over the past three months, various clashes of Islamists in the struggle for natural survival and the division of zones of influence have not stopped in Idlib. To date, most of the de-escalation zone belongs to the militants of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. Nevertheless, given the constant flow of deserters who are fighting their way through the units of their former accomplices in order to lay down their arms and try to surrender to the government forces, the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham may not be able to stay with the power.
The point is that in connection with the successful actions of government troops with the support of the Russian aerospace forces in all directions, the international coalition led by the United States, gradually realizes the inevitability of its military-political defeat in Syria, which is why it gradually reduces the financial and military-technical support for jihadists. This is done to ensure that witnesses who can point to their sponsor, will destroyed each other in the struggle for scarce financial flows. The so-called “cauldron” of lawlessness, chaos and unrest has formed in the last stronghold of terrorism in Syria.
After reduction of financing from foreign patrons, fighters of various groups Dzhebhat al-Nusra, Ahrar Al-sham, Islam Turkestan and others began to give up and pass to the side of government forces. And those who remained faithful to the tenets of Islamic sect, and decided to stay, at this point experiencing the hell of the civil war, but between fighters from different gangs. There are also cases of theft of weapons, military equipment and ammunition from each other, in order to further surrender them to government troops. Some high-ranking officials in the ranks of radicals are trying to buy an amnesty for valuable information. In General, some militants are trying to get out of the “hellish cauldron of lawlessness”, while others do not allow them to do this without a fight.

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