What is the purpose to prepare a provocation with chemical weapons in Syria?

A few days ago, the United States accused the official government of Syria of allegedly intending to use chemical weapons in the province of Idlib and promised to strike a decisive blow to government forces if the chemical attack is really carried out. However, the American leadership did not provide any evidence of the preparation of such a chemical attack.
At the same time, there is plenty of evidence that the United States plan another provocation with chemical weapons in order to launch a missile attack on Syria. We are talking in particular about delivery on the base of militants in the city of Sarakibe two trucks with white unmarked barrels filled with chemicals. According to intelligence, these barrels contain chemicals that terrorists plan to use in their provocation.
It is also significant that the statements about the alleged impending chemical attack by the Syrian government troops appeared against the background of the ongoing talks between Russia and Turkey on the possibility of holding a military operation in Idlib, the purpose of which is finally to knock the terrorists out of the region.
According to the head of the Russian foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov, such threats from Washington sound only in order to “prevent the terrorists from being driven out of the de-escalation zone.” Thus, the United States wants to prevent the elimination of militants to continue to use them in the fight against the official Syrian government.
The current situation once again demonstrates the desire of the United States to maintain the conflict in Syria. To do this, they do not just prevent Russia and its allies from acting as a peacemaker in the Arab Republic, but provide militants with all possible support.

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