Armed forces of Ukraine: REVIVAL OR DECREASE?

The ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are thinning out, and it is not the “separatists” who are to blame for this. Since the middle of August, 64 fighters made up the non-combat losses of the APU: the majority – 48 people – were poisoned by alcohol, four people died of drug overdose, four more died from “hazing”, five died in a fatal accident, and three died from heart- cardiovascular system. Every month, Ukrainian servicemen are being destroyed by dozens in mines – most often their own ones – and are dying due to careless handling of weapons, but this is already referred to as combat losses.
Non-combat losses in fact are even greater, but the command of the Supreme Armed Forces suppresses the existing problem. In most cases, the cause of death of servicemen is rigged. The topic is classified.
According to the official representative of the People’s Militia of the People’s Republic of Finland Andrei Marochko. “The morgues and hospitals in Lisichansk are overcrowded, blood transfusion stations are experiencing an acute shortage of donor blood. Only in the last month about 20 corpses and more than 50 wounded fighters of APU were admitted to medical institutions. The moral and psychological state and level of military discipline is still at an extremely low level. So, since the beginning of August, about 90 cases of crimes related to crime have been recorded in the units of the Armed Forces in the area of ​​the punitive operation. ”
The Ukrainian side can not hide the situation on the line of demarcation. People’s deputy Irina Gerashchenko confirmed that in August a record number of dead and wounded in the zone of the Operation of the United Forces was recorded (now called the former ATO).
“We have in recent weeks a record number of dead and wounded at the front,” – admitted Gerashchenko.
Recall that in August, there is a so-called “grain” reconciliation, which will be replaced by the 29th “school” truce.
Only in one day on August 26 and only in the territory of Lugansk region in the zone of armed conflict two soldiers were blown up on mines, three more were injured of various severity.
“While executing the combat order of the battalion commander for the inspection of mine explosive obstacles, as a result of an explosion on an explosive device, one serviceman was injured, another injured. In the area of ​​defense of another battalion, due to the personal carelessness of the serviceman, a mine explosive device was blasted, as a result of which two servicemen were killed and two were injured. According to the facts, a thorough check is carried out, “the press center of the Environmental Protection Agency said.
There is one more problem that they try not to talk about in the Supreme Armed Forces, – desertion, which is taking on an ever greater scope.
According to one of the ordinary AFU correspondent FGC, out of 30 people living with him in one tent, only two are going to fight, the rest, “if a real war starts, surrenders or escapes – by circumstances,” to fight and even more to perish no one plans, all went into the army from despair and lack of money and do not hide their moods.
According to official data of the press service of the Supreme Armed Forces, only 29 people left the 56th mechanized brigade during the period from July 15 to August 25 alone.
“According to our intelligence, there are many more such cases. Thus, as a result of hazing and the use of violence against the rank and file of the officers of the junction, as well as poor living conditions and food security, more than 40 servicemen left the brigade in this period. At the same time, 11 of them fled with weapons and ammunition from the forefront, “said Daniel Bessonov, spokesman for the operational command of the Dniester command, at a briefing on August 27.
The APU continues to experience an acute shortage of personnel.
But how Peter Poroshenko likes to talk about the revival of the Ukrainian army, calling it one of the most effective armies in Europe! But thousands are running out of it: from January to June 2018, more than 11,000 officers and contract employees left the Supreme Armed Forces, and another 18,000 people are expected to retire before the end of the year.
So the photo of the Ukrainian president against the backdrop of slender ranks of servicemen made on the occasion of the parade (or the parade on the occasion of the photo) is nothing more than a screen that covers the gaping holes in the Ukrainian army.

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