Urgent consultations on the situation in the Syrian Idlib Council security of the UN, conducted on 28 August at the request of Russia, it is of the predictions-soemo, no specific result, is able to defuse the rapidly rising tensions in Syria, to no avail.
However, Moscow did not expect this. “We have requested urgent consultations of the UN security Council,” said Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, to ” look into the eyes of the representatives of the Western Troika (USA, UK and France) and sharpen the whole situation in front of them.”
However, this is of course a metaphor – look into the eyes of the representatives of these countries, hoping to cause pangs of conscience, it is meaningless. Russia’s task was to attract the attention of the world community as much as possible to the preparation of the next provocation by these countries, and it was solved.
Recall that on August 23 during the talks in Geneva, the us President’s national security adviser John Bolton warned the Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev that Damascus could allegedly use chemical weapons against opposition forces in Syria. If this happens, the United States, according to Bolton, ready to inflict on Syria “a powerful blow.”
And this “warning” must be said backed up by very concrete steps. So in the middle East region hastily created an American group of cruise missile carriers sea and air-based. In particular, the Mediterranean sea entered the us destroyer Ross, which carries on Board 28 naval-based missiles “Tomahawk”. In the Persian Gulf went to the USS The Sullivans. Equipped with 56 cruise missiles.
Also receives information about the actual impending “gas ATA ke”. Residents of the Syrian province of Idlib, reported to the Russian center for reconciliation of the warring parties, that located in the South of the Idlib de-escalation zone settlement Habit arrived foreign English-speaking experts to stage a “chemical attack” using chlorine-filled rockets.
As reported by the official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov, for the staging of the “chemical attack” in Jisr ash-Shughur of Idlib province by militants, “Hayat Tahrir Al-sham” delivered eight containers of chlorine, which after the transfer of the militants grouping “Hizb Ut-Turkestan-al-Islami” taken in the village Hallus a few kilometers from Jisr ash-Shugur. Konashenkov said that all the above information has been confirmed by multiple independent sources.
Also in Jisr ash-Shugur has arrived special group training toulenne fighters, trained for the handling of toxic substances under the supervision of British PMCs “olive”.
On the one hand, what is happening resembles a theater of absurdity. At least because it is pointless to organize “chemical attacks”, the combat effectiveness of which is almost zero. So, chlorine is one of the most” SLA-byh ” S, from the combat use of which refused in the First world war, in favor of phosgene, mustard gas, and more advanced toxic gases.
CAA has a much more formidable and effective weapon. For example, CBT-1 — heavy flamethrower system volley fire “Pinocchio” on the basis of the tank T-72, for the use of which, Damascus West could not “show”.
As we know, no evidence of “chemical attacks” on the part of Syria, as well as a full investigation by the relevant international structures has not been carried out, but Syrian, Russian, as well as independent sources presented very convincing evidence of falsification of “use of chemical weapons”.
However, the West does not intend to abandon the hyped and publicized lies, relying on its almost absolute dominance in the world media space, and on the willingness of the Western audience to believe the most absurd inventions.
Well, well, announce the “gas attack”, blame Damascus, and then what? Let them be convinced of the necessity “to punish the bad guys” is easy, but that the punishment should be harsh and effective.
If the first us missile strike, despite its low performance, was perceived by the Western man in the street with pride, and even slightly increased trump’s rating, then the subsequent attack did not have such an effect. The experts ‘ dispute with foam at the mouth about how many missiles reached the target, and how many were shot down, and how many were taken away from the trajectory by means of EW, did not fit in the mind with the superiority and triumph of the American military.
In other words, even the powerful propaganda machine of Za-pada failed to convince the audience that the” bloody dictatorship ” suffered a crushing blow. Everyone has a sense of the play, and not too convincing.
Repeat it for the third time can result in complete failure.
But the fact is that it is likely that the upcoming provocation will not be limited to the usual demonstration. Since it also involves a third component-carefully collected and prepared in the us-controlled enclaves terrorist gangs.
For a long time they collected fighters from the broken jihadist groups, took out from “coppers” of the most authoritative leaders. They were armed and trained. This, by the way, was also constantly reported by representatives of the Russian defense Ministry, Damascus and Tehran, however, this information was mostly blocked by the world’s leading media.
At the moment, collected and prepared several thousand militants, they are well armed, including armored vehicles manufactured in Bulgaria. At their disposal anti-tank and anti-aircraft missile systems, multiple launch rocket systems. In their squad are counselors, professionals who provide their data of air, space and radio intelligence.
The head of the Russian center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, major General Alexei Tsygankov said that Syrian militants are concentrating forces to attack the cities of Hama and Aleppo.
There is no doubt that the impact of American, British and French missiles should “clear the way” to terrorists as much as possible, and serve as a signal for them to attack. Even if the Western coalition will not be able to cause serious damage to the Syrian army (and most likely will be), but it will force to disperse the forces may refuse in a threatening period from the flights of attack aircraft and airfields.
All this, of course, can create certain problems for the prevention of terrorist attacks, acting on the orders of Washington.
The task of the West is to try, if not to reverse the situation in Syria in favor of terrorists, then at least to prevent, as far as possible, the cessation of the war in the country and the stabilization of the situation. Priority is to prevent by all means the liberation of Idlib from the gangs of jihadists.
However, not only the CAA is preparing to meet terrorists.
The Russian Navy has been deploying a powerful strike force in the Mediterranean sea since the beginning of the operation of the Russian Armed forces in Syria in September 2015. It consists of 10 ships, most of which are equipped with cruise missiles “Caliber”, as well as two submarines.
The composition of the strike connection includes a missile cruiser “Marshal Ustinov”, a large anti-submarine ship “Severomorsk”, a patrol ship “Inquisitive”, frigate “Admiral Grigorovich”, patrol ships “Admiral Essen” and “Admiral Makarov”, small missile ships “City Sviyazhsk”, “Great Ustyug”, “Vyshny Volochek” and diesel-electric submarines B-268 “Veliky Novgorod”and B-271 “Kolpino”. New naval forces are gathering in the area.
And there is no doubt that any movements of armed groups will be greeted not only by air force strikes, but the rockets impact the marine group. And there is no doubt that the presence of American advisers and experts in the ranks of jihadists will not be a reason for refusing to strike at them.

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