Reason to justify intervention

Fighters are going to bomb the town of Kafer-Zeita in the Syrian Idlib with the chlorine shells, and then to record on the video with the assist alleged to victims. This was reported by the Russian defense Ministry. According to authorities, the “rescuers” from the “White helmets” will play the role in this video. Interviewed experts believe that the blame for the “chemical attack” intend to impose on Damascus, which should serve as a justification for new attacks in the region. Meanwhile, Syrian Ambassador to Russia Riyadh Haddad recalled that all chemical weapons in the country were disposed of with the assistance of the United States in 2013. He stressed that the accusations in its use always comes before the preparation of government forces to liberate another city from terrorists.
Syria is preparing for a possible provocation by militants fighting the legitimate government of President Bashar al-Assad. Residents of the Idlib province told the Russian military that experts arrived to the village of Habit and they will participate in the staging of the chemical attack. The official representative of the Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov said that shells with chlorine intend to fire at the village of Kafer-Zayta, after which the alleged victims will be assisted by militants from the organization “White helmets”.
“In Kafer-Zayt itself, preparations are being made for a group of residents brought from the North of the province to participate in the staging of the “defeat” from the alleged “chemical munitions” and “barrel bombs” of the Syrian government forces, as well as the preparation of staged assistance to the mummers from the “White helmets” and shooting videos for distribution in the middle East and English-language media. Thus, the interested extra-regional forces once again are preparing a major provocation in Syria using poisonous substances to a sharp destabilization and disruption coming from the stable dynamics of the peace process,” — said Igor Konashenkov.
Earlier, Bloomberg, citing four anonymous sources reported that the US presidential adviser on national security John Bolton told the Secretary of the security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev about the readiness of the US side to strike the government forces in Syria, if they use chemical weapons against the opposition. The talks were held on August 23 in Geneva.
According to Bloomberg, the US authorities allegedly have information that the Assad government is ready to use chemical weapons against opposition fighters in Idlib.
Shortly before that, the American destroyer Sullivan, carrying 56 cruise missiles, entered the Persian Gulf. At the same time, a strategic b-1B bomber, also equipped with cruise missiles for strikes on ground targets, arrived at the US air force base in Qatar.

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