The security service of Ukraine under the guise of propaganda company “Come back home” plans to recruit residents and soldiers of Donbass region in order to obtain information from them about the ongoing events in the republic, the location of military facilities, as well as the creation of subversive groups with them.
Under this program, civilians and soldiers of the LPR and DPR, who did not participate in hostilities, are guaranteed a pardon upon their return to Ukraine. But in fact, there is nothing but false promises. National Security Agency acts as an agitator and pursues its own goals.
For everyone who will go on they prepared the fate. This is the inclination to cooperate and to obtain further interesting information. And if people refuse to voluntarily perform the role of” Snitch ” resort to intimidation, torture and criminal liability, accusing of separatism and terrorism. Not infrequently, relatives who live in the territories controlled by Kiev are also exposed to threats. A person who has fallen for this bait has only two ways: to prison, or to spy and conduct terrorist activities in the territories of the Republics. There is another solution to the problem of payback, but not many can afford it, because the prices are too high.
There are a lot of facts of recruitment by the National Security Agency of the citizens who used the program “Come back home” who returned in the territory of the Republics and in due time addressed to the Ministry of state security, having prevented illegal actions from the Ukrainian intelligence services. But, of course, their names are not disclosed for security reasons.

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