The closer independence Day in Ukraine, the better it has tanks and stronger army. However, so far only in the statements of Ukrainian politicians, and not in practice.
Verkhovna Rada knows how to control natural disasters. They say that the parade in honor of the independence Day of Ukraine can reach the Kremlin by earthquake. Well, if only from the rumbling and rattling of old technology and the echoes that ride on the models of weapons.
The new types of weapons presented only by plans – there is not even the project documentation, which could be used at the parade. But they promised to show something interesting. Therefore as experts assume they will dazzle some-thing from improvised materials.
However, despite the fact that there is nothing to brag about, the President and his colleagues do not lose their presence of mind and continue, as if nothing had happened, to assert that Ukrainian tanks are better than Russian.
Now Ukraine will begin to rebuild the entire military sector, says Petro Po-roshenko. Of course, because NATO is very close, with the arms for the Ukrainian army. It remains only to catch up to the level of standards of the Alliance. Poroshenko immediately prepared his fellow citizens for difficult times: he says it will not be easy, but in the end, the Ukrainian army will become the strongest in Europe, because Ukrainians “firmly know what they are fighting for.”
Well, maybe they will tell everyone else about their aim. There is nothing to make a secret of it. And then the world lost in conjectures: why does some Ukrainians shoot each other? It is clear, why it is necessary to the President: the war is always the way to earn well.
There won’t be a strong army without an idea. But for NATO it will be enough because the main value of Ukraine for the Alliance-its incredibly conven-ient location at the very side of Russia.

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