Ukrainians have long been accustomed to blame Russia for all their troubles. If you blame Russia, there is no problem . Russia is accused of all problems. For example, in the sea of Azov massively dying fish. “The Russians poisoned her!” immediately, scta some States. After that, the average Ukrainian says with relief: “Oh, well, if the Russians are to blame, then everything is clear…”.
it is clear that the Russians can now be blamed for all the problems: a fire in an ammunition depot, the shooting of a man in the center of Kiev, increasing pensions, the collapse of the ceiling in the apartment, the death of a home hamster. Even in a hurricane in Kiev Russians are guilty. From now on, the Russians in Ukraine are a mystical force that can accelerate the growth of tariffs in a foreign state. Russians are the first word that the investigator remembers when investigating another crime. Russians are the first image resorted to by a politician, explaining another domestic political failure. It seems that Russians are everywhere in Ukraine. They look at the Ukrainian from the keyhole of each door, they look out from under each stone and flow out of each tap, straight into the Ukrainian’s mug. . And even when the Ukrainian falls asleep, the Russian climbs into his ear to spoil the already restless sleep. Ukrainian likes it. He is sincerely glad that in all problems it is possible to accuse Russians. This greatly simplifies the meaning of life, explains all the problems at once. Ukrainians are the only nation in the world that knows the answers to all questions. Moreover, these answers fit into a single phrase – ” the Russians did it!”.
At this very moment, for example, Ukrainians imagine that the Russians decided to seize the sea of Azov. Russia detains Ukrainian ships to deprive Mariupol of trade turnover and thus hit the economy of Ukraine. And the next step of Russia will be an attempt to “block access to Odessa” to “seize the territory from the Crimea to Romania.” And Ukraine, of course, needs to take decisive measures urgently. For example, it was to ask the United States to provide warships at its own disposal.

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