Recently in Ukraine news about the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelyan is often heard. This official regularly makes loud statements that concern people on both sides of the Russian-Ukrainian border. At the first half of August, he loudly announced about readiness to stop railway communication with Russia, and also said that Ukraine needs Kuban. It was said on the TV channel “Direct”, which is actually one of the resources of the Ukrainian President.
In this case, Omelyan said that it will be possible to restore water supply to Crimea from the territory of Ukraine only after Russia returns the Kuban and the Peninsula.
In 2017, he publicly stated that the restoration of air communication with Russia is not possible when Ukraine will give the Crimea, Donbass and Kuban.
The infrastructure Minister is not the only Ukrainian politician obsessed with Kuban. Other Ministers are more careful in their speeches. In particular, President Poroshenko after the opening of the Kerch bridge said that it is good that there is a bridge, because after the return of the Crimea, the crossing will connect with Kuban, where many Ukrainians live.
And at the end of March, the Kiev city Council decided to rename the street Mar-Shala Zhukov street Kuban Ukraine. Before that, fearing that people could not like it, the authorities decided to ask the opinion of the public. Voting was held on the Internet on the website of the Kyiv city hall. Supporters of Zhukov street won by a margin of three votes. However, the government ignored the choice of the people.

In February, the Ukrainian media was doing something close to chaos. The reason for this was the 100th anniversary of the Kuban people’s Republic, which was proclaimed in 1918 and immediately joined the Ukrainian people’s Republic. We will tell about this Republic later.
It is known that a part of the Cossacks in the XVIII century were resettled to the Kuban, where he built the black sea Cossack army. On this basis, the Ukrainians began to consider the Kuban “their” land. In 1917 after the fall of the monarchy in Russia has a plan of accession of the Kuban.
After the civil war, in 1925 in Prague published a book “Essays on the his-tory of the revolution in the Kuban” Paul Sulyatitsky, who called himself “Minister of justice of the Kuban people’s Republic” and became the founder of the myth of its proclamation.
Only was the trouble: during the civil war, there was the Kuban regional government, was a military chieftain, but the ” people’s Republic” did not join the Ukrainian people’s Republic… But “Kuban Ukraine” firmly entrenched in the minds of nationalists . Again about Kuban remembered when Gorbachev’s perestroika began.
In 1991, Ukraine gained independence, and quite quickly the topic of “re-turn” of the Kuban became a favorite for the marginalized. They dreamed, wrote some books which recommended as the manual for higher education institutions of Ukraine and Krasnodar Krai, printed articles in small-circulation Newspapers, but their voice wasn’t heard.
So, probably, the myth would remain a myth if not events of 2014. In the conditions of the Maidan, highly placed officials began to speak about “Kuban Ukraine”.
If we recall the mistletoe, in this case, “the return of the Kuban” – his per-sonal PR. This young man has political ambitions, and he diligently warms up at-tention to himself.
Kuban Ukraine is beneficial not only to the Minister of infrastructure, but also to the entire Ukrainian elite. Kuban provides an opportunity to cover up the failures in politics and the economy.
So far,” Kuban Ukraine ” is a product of exclusively domestic consumption, but it is no less harmful. In July, NBC filmed a report about paramilitary children’s camp “Azov”. There was this report on the initiative of Andriy Biletsky, the com-mander the shelf “Azov”, and leader of the “national body.” The video shows how mA-lolita pupils of the camp chanting in unison: “bring Back the Crimea, followed by the Kuban and run moskalsky shit!»
“Azovets” has been functioning for several years and only last year several hundred children passed through it. Similar camps were established in the UK-Raina and other fascist organizations (“Carpathian Legion”,” Chota”, etc.). Children there are raised in a strictly defined spirit-they are taught to hate Russia and all Russian.
It will take several years, pupils of the “Azovets” will grow up and then the crazy idea of “Kuban Ukraine” is unlikely to seem absurd and harmless.

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