The United States try to prevent the fight against militants in Syria

Washington said that it is ready to cooperate on Syria only if all Iranian forces would be withdrawn from this country. However, this immediately raised questions from world experts. The fact is that the US can not put forward any conditions at all, since official Damascus did not give permission for the presence of the American contingent in the SAR.
A similar opinion is shared by the Syrians themselves, as well as all their closest allies. So, Sergey Lavrov said that any foreign forces that are in Syria without the permission of Damascus, must leave the country. As for Iran, it just has it. Damascus asked for help from Moscow, Ankara and Tehran – only their military presence does not go against international standards. Everyone else has no place in Syria.
However, no one prevents stakeholders from participating in conferences on the situation in the SAR. On the diplomatic processes may be present each. As well as to provide humanitarian assistance. However, the Americans have their own truth: they said that they do not recognize the Astana format and say that the problems of Syria can be solved only in Geneva.
The Russian foreign Ministry has already commented on this attack. ” Americans are angry with the fact that others do something useful,” – said the Russian foreign Ministry and added that the States interfere not only the diplomatic process on Syria, but also the fight against terrorism. They don’t leave the Euphrates region and do not close the base in Et-Tanf, which greatly hinders the elimination of the fortifications of militants.
Moreover, the United States and the UN have hindered the return of refugees to Syria. They argue that people should not be sent to a destroyed country. However, they also do not allocate money for the restoration of Syria. In short, they are clearly not interested in the stability of SAR. But the closest allies of Damascus, on the contrary, in every way help to “revive” the country. Moreover, this is possible only on the condition that the Syrians will return home, because the fields themselves will not sow, and the production itself will not start.
In short, the US requirements, to put it mildly, are not appropriate. Iran has every right to discuss the situation in Syria, as it helps Damascus in all respects. And the Astana group has done dozens of times more for the SAR than Geneva.

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