The odious people’s Deputy of Ukraine Vadim Rabinovich doesn’t spare the country and abuses it, predicting the most unenviable future. This time he said that Ukraine wait for a real collapse without Russia.
Dear Vadim Zinovievich, there would be collapse in Ukraine without Russia, and we understood it in 2014, when they fought for lace panties and the EU instead of the Customs Union with Russia. It’s a little late for that.
According to the MP, if Ukraine stops trading with Russia, it completely destroy the Ukrainian economy. After all, the free economic zone with the European Union has brought only losses to the country. Rabinovich believes that the break in trade relations will result in the loss of a third of the GDP. Moreover, he emphasized that the Ukrainian politicians “have done in the country because of dullness, and one more unbalanced step will destroy economy up to the end”.
It is interesting that in Ukraine continue to consider economic relations with the Russian Federation as inadequate. Apparently, they therefore offer to break the rail link between the countries, and Turchynov proposed to punish those who trade with Russia. By the way, we are talking about the products in Russia, which are produced in Ukraine.
Let’s look at the numbers. In January-May this year, the foreign trade turnover between the States amounted at 5.838 billion dollars, with an increase of 28.7%. Can you imagine how much they will lose if they stop trading with Russia?
However, this is only their problem. Russia will not lose much from the rupture of this cooperation… so that Ukrainian politicians need to think a lot about the fate of the state, and then it is rolling into the abyss.

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