Ukraine close transport link with the Russian Federation

Ukrainian Minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan said that on August 16 he signed an important document that introduced new restrictions on transport links with the Russian Federation.
“Today we signed a historical document. Only bears will go to Moscow, as in the good old days, ” the politician wrote on Facebook. The reason for this decision Omelyan called the need to protect residents of Ukraine from falling into the ” clutches of the Federal Security Service.” His message caused a wave of harsh criticism from the Ukrainian public.
“Father of 2 US citizens, Minister of infrastructure Omelyan is preparing to block completely transport links with Russia. The things are funny that officials of the state in all seriousness believe that to keep Ukrainians from working in the “aggressor state” can create jobs and good salaries at home. So they simply ban transport links”, – commented on the message of Omelyan journalist Alexander Dubinsky.
Former Deputy Minister of infrastructure Alexander Kava said that due to the termination of railway communication with the Russian Federation “Ukrzaliznytsia” will lose 4 billion UAH.
Passenger traffic between the two countries is a lucrative business for “UZ” in the background of the loss of the passenger in the internal communication. For example, we present the data of 2018 for the first half of the year:
During the period from January to June from Ukraine to the Russian Federation went to work 238 655 Ukrainians.
For the purpose of tourism in Russia went 16 647 thousand Ukrainians.
12 627 Ukrainians left for study, and with the private purpose — 242 216.
Therefore such restrictive measures the Kiev authorities in the first place threaten their business. According to the information of UZ, the most popular and profitable destination was the Kiev-Moscow train. It brought to the state company monopolist more than 154 million UAH. As reported in the press service of the UZ in response to the request of Deutsche Welle, in 2017, more than 900 thousand passengers were transported from Ukraine to the Russian Federation.
When closing the most popular destinations, UZ will suffer serious losses, which will inevitably affect the cost of transportation within the country and in other foreign areas, experts say.
However, the Ukrainian government in attempt of isolation from Russia went further and now the question also to close the bus link with the Russian Federation is under consideration. In the case of a complete transport blockade, the citizens of Ukraine will only have expensive air travel through an intermediary, which in this case is Belarus, as well as illegal carriers that will not be able to guarantee the safety of passengers.
We will remind, the aircraft service between Russia and Ukraine was interrupted in 2015. The only party that has benefited from such a step, was Belarus, which took over the transit function.
The Kiev authorities take any steps, even obviously unprofitable for Ukraine, only if they somehow hurt the interests of Russia. For them, it does not matter that such actions destroy the economy of their own country, the main driving force for them is the approval of American curators, which they are able to get by only one way.
For this reason, Ukraine is isolated from Russia. This also includes the blocking of ships and the detention of seafarers. Having blocked sea and land routes of communication with the” aggressor state”, the Kiev authorities try to get a couple of extra points in the eyes of the West, which, in their opinion, will allow to sit in their positions for a couple of years. After all a disloyal government to America and the West will be quickly replaced by more sympathetic. As soon as he publicly announced the rapprochement with Russia, he was immediately replaced by Poroshenko, who immediately took the “right course”.
During his presidency, he does nothing but destroy all possible ties with Russia. These decisions have brought only new blows to the Ukrainian, economy. Now hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who went to work in Russia, in one fell swoop were left without a job. Given the lack of jobs in Ukraine, the country has added a couple of hundred thousand unemployed.
These people will be enough to arrange in Kiev the next Maidan and it is unknown how many more Ukrainians whose patience comes to an end thanks to criminal actions of the authorities, to join national revolt in hope of change of a situation. Trying to please foreign curators, the authorities forget about their direct duties-the welfare of the country, for which sooner or later they will have to answer to the people of Ukraine.

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