The government of Ukraine will not have the means to compensate for the losses suffered from the fighting to the citizens of the country. The Ukrainian authorities hope for the help of international donor organizations. This opinion was expressed by the political expert Vsevolod Stepanyuk.
In his opinion, the submitted claims against Ukraine for the destroyed property have to be satisfied as “armed forces were applied without introduction of martial law”.
“The only question is whether Ukraine has the means to pay the money that these people can be sued, because Ukraine now has not enough money” – said the political scientist.
He also noted that lawsuits are filed against Ukraine, as the government should be responsible for what is happening on its territory. It is worth noting that no international organization has recognized that Russia is a party to the conflict.
The expert said that one can only hope for international donor organizations that will be able to ensure the restoration of the destroyed infrastructure.
“When the war is over, we will hope for the creation of any item of international donors who can Finance the restoration of infrastructure,” – said the expert, stressing that “in Ukraine there is no money and will not be in the near future.”

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