In Ukraine, for the first time in 27 years, a 4-year-old girl died because of a snake bite. The doctors said that they were unable to help the child because of the lack of serosity against poison in Skolevskiy district hospital where the child received the first pre-medical help.
On the night of Sunday, August 12, the ambulance crew transported the baby to the Chernobyl hospital in Lviv.
According to the Deputy chief physician of the West Ukrainian children’s medical center Elena Kozlova, in spite of the fact that the girl was brought in the day off (Sunday), doctors carried out all necessary actions.
“Even physicians from other hospitals came. The disease developed very progressive. It was a very powerful poison,” said Kozlova.
The doctor notes that there was no serosity against poison in medical institution because Ukraine doesn’t buy them at all.
“Most likely, the child was bitten by a common Carpathian snake that lives in the region. A specific antidote to the bite of such a snake is not registered in Ukraine, so the state can not officially buy it.”

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