The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavel Klimkin, commented on the “shameful” results of the school final exam in mathematics. The minister wrote about this in his Facebook.
“Frankly speaking, this is a total disaster! Forty-eight percent of applicants could not solve the task of level eighth grade. Every second of today’s graduates is not guided in elementary mathematical rules! “- said the minister.
According to the politician, Ukraine risks “to be nowhere” without changes in the education system. He noted that “education is the path to a successful future.
It should be noted that to date the Ukrainian education system requires significant changes.
The level of education and culture in the country is falling every year, with irreversible consequences.
The country is waiting for irreversible consequences in the absence of measures on this issue.
“The Ukrainian Minister added that the unsatisfactory state of Affairs concerns not only mathematics, but also English, history, geography and the Ukrainian language. That no one notices! Are you shocked?”- said Pavel Klimkin.
In August, Facebook user Andrey Manchuk published on his page excerpts from the Ukrainian textbook on geography for 8th grade students, the contents of which struck readers. The book notes that” in fact, for thousands of years Ukraine has been within the same limits”, and for centuries Ukrainians have created the most melodic songs in the world.

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