Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, the United Nations has been openly on the side of the anti-Assad forces. The more successfully the Syrian army moves “on the ground” with the support of the Russian aerospace forces, the more propagandistically the UN humanitarian and human rights agencies work. Thus, during the operation to liberate Eastern Aleppo in the autumn-winter of 2016, the UN security Council presented the military campaign as “a bloody massacre organized by Bashar al-Assad with the support of Russian allies.”
The same propaganda model was used in Eastern Ghouta. The UN and its human rights agencies have actively expressed concern about the allegedly disastrous humanitarian situation in areas where Russian military negotiators have worked with field commanders in favor to lay down arms. There was alarm about the alleged arrests of various “activists” and “human rights defenders”. Moreover other fakes were spread in order to denigrate the actions of the Syrian government and the Russian military.
However, with regard to the southern de-escalation zone-we talk about the transition of the Jordanian – Syrian border under the control of Damascus (from the Syrian side) – the use of proven UN tools to create obstacles for Syria and Russia has proved problematic. The fact is that the South SAR passed under the control of Damascus without the use of military force. Complaints about the” peaceful victims ” of Assad and Russia in southern Syria were, at least, inappropriate.
In these circumstances, Western sponsors of the Syrian opposition had to invent urgently a new, initially false thesis that the Syrian government is allegedly engaged in a dialogue with the ISIS. As a result of this dialogue, the Syrian authorities allegedly organize the evacuation of jihadists to other areas. These movements lead to the concentration of radicals in densely populated areas, which they use to organize bloody terrorist attacks. As a result, on July 31 this year, the blame for the recent bloody attacks in Es-Sweida and other terrorist acts in the South of Syria by the Office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights has been entrusted to the official Damascus.
This statement is roughly made propaganda fake. could not be any negotiations between the Syrian authorities, agreements and the evacuation of jihadists from one area to another. The only evacuation held at the time, was the removal of women and children from camps of Yarmouk, the districts of Tadamun and Hajr al-Aswad –not Es-Suweida (North) and Idlib (North). The goal is to minimize civilian casualties during the operation against ISIS. The fact that the Syrian army, with the support of Russia, is set to destroy ISIS, is evidenced, in particular, by the losses of the Syrian armed forces during the anti-terrorist operation in the Yarmouk river valley.
Thus, the UN agencies have taken into consideration the thesis that, negotiating with the ISIS, the Syrian government contributes to the surge of terrorist activity in different areas of the country and is responsible, for the death of people from the hands of jihadists. However, using the above thesis, the West missed an important aspect that will nullify all attempts to discredit Bashar al-Assad.
The stumbling block in the spread of another Western fake is the presence in Syria of the Russian military and the presence, thus, Russia has access to information “from the ground”. The ability of UN humanitarian agencies depends largely from the position of the Ministry of Defence in the field of access to certain issues. That is why the UN structures have no special desire to ” quarrel ” with the Russian command in Syria, which usually instantly reacts to the stuffing of fakes and has the ability not unfounded, but factually refute them,.
Moscow’s openness to interaction with all parties to the Syrian conflict significantly reduces the West’s ability to build anti-Russian and anti-Syrian work. However, this does not mean that we can lose vigilance. Every attempt of the West to introduce a new false anti-Russian thesis through the UN controlled structures should be publicly exposed in time.

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