American projects in Syria have been clearly clarified by the General of the U.S. army Joseph Votel – the head of the U.S. Central command (CENTCOM) – during a press briefing on July 19. General Votel said unequivocally when asked what was the “agreement” on Syria.
Our mission is very clear: it focuses on defeating ISIS, and then on helping our partners in Iraq and Syria to stabilize the situation, and particularly in Iraq, to help create a platform that can lead to a long-term political solution through the UN.
Several aspects of this statement make it clear what the US has taken and will take in Syria.
General Votel repeats the statements of American politicians and leaders that the United States is dedicated to the fight against the so-called “ISIS”. However, ISIS, admittedly, was created by the US and its partners in the region. It was a declassified U.S. Department of defense intelligence (DIA) report that revealed:
If the situation develops, it is possible to establish a declared or undeclared Salafist state in Eastern Syria (Hasakah and Deir ez-Zor provinces), this is what the opposition forces want to support in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered a strategic pillar of Shiite expansion (Iraq and Iran).
The note from DIA has explicitly which clarify who these “supporting forces” are»:
The West, the Gulf States, and Turkey support the opposition; Russia, China, and Iran support the regime. ISIS was formed in Eastern Syria, where the Memorandum of the DIA spoke about the creation of the Salafi state. It will try to put pressure on Damascus and isolate it, especially from Iranian logistical efforts going through Iraq and Syria along the Euphrates river, before penetrating deeper into Syria. While the United States in 2014, openly invaded and occupied the territory of Syria, in 2015 the military intervention of the Russian Federation led to the fact that the supply lines of ISIS emerging from NATO countries, were identified and destroyed . Then the positions of ISIS across the country began to crumble.
It is interesting to note that the multi-million dollar US military machine is still unable to eliminate several remaining pockets of ISIS in Eastern Syria. These pockets were formally isolated from any outside support that allowed ISIS to flourish for a very long time.
In other places of Syria – government forces with the support of Russia and Iran, almost completely destroyed ISIS. The operations carried out in southern Syria are aimed at displacing the last remnants of this terrorist front – coincidentally located on the border of the Israeli-occupied Golan heights. Why does the stretched resources of the Syrian military would be able to campaign for the elimination of ISIS West of Abrafati, but the US can’t do in the East?

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