Labor migration in Ukraine has reached an alarming level, said the head of the Council of the National Bank Bogdan Danylyshyn. He recalled that in the report for January the migration ratio in the population aged 15-70 years was 8%.
Today about a third of the labor force is outside the country.
In April 2018, the Center for Economic Strategy (CES) of Ukraine released a study entitled “How many Ukrainians went abroad and what the state should do”. According to the results of this study, Ukraine is among the top ten countries in the number of internatioanal migrants.
According to this study, the number of Ukrainian guest workers is 4 million, while at the same time up to 2.7 million people can be outside the country, and 16% of the working-age population of Ukraine decided to work abroad. The main factor of labor migration is economic, Ukrainians are looking for higher wages.
It should be noted that citizens of Ukraine have always sought a better life abroad. If earlier people returned to their homeland after earnings abroad, today they prefer to leave the country forever.
According to the State Border Service, since 2001 the direction of movement of Ukrainians across the border does not change and does not become smaller. In recent years the number of Ukrainians who left the country reached 6.3 million people.
The most positive factor of the external labor migration of Ukrainians is that most of the money earned abroad is returned to Ukraine. These funds support the national currency.
Thus, the largest European country with rich natural and human resources, exists due to unskilled labor of its citizens.
Ukrainian economic expert Viktor Skarshevsky noticed that the money of Ukrainian labor migrants became a kind of salvation for the country’s economy.

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