Washington decided to overcome the problems from a sick head to a healthy one in order to solve their Middle Eastern dilemmas. According to the Arab media, there is the process of the plan development to create an “Arab NATO” in the White House. According to the idea, the proposed alliance will confront Iran and help the US solve Middle Eastern issues. Including the issues in Syria.
The new structure will be created in the image and likeness of NATO, and will include six countries of the Persian Gulf, Egypt and Jordan. The overall leadership of the alliance will be implemented by Washington’s key ally in the Middle East – Saudi Arabia. The Trump administration is confident that the unification of the largest Middle Eastern powers will create a certain balance in the region, which in the long term will help to solve a number of Middle East issues. However, there are plenty of reasons to doubt the prudent intentions of this organization.
Obviously, the creation of “Arab NATO”, above all, is beneficial to Washington. With the advent of Russia to the Middle East, the US influence on the region has sharply weakened. It turned out that the financial injections and periodic visits of the first persons of the US administration to Riyadh for control of the Arab countries are not enough. Speaking figuratively, the Arabs respect the game of muscles, fully demonstrated by Moscow, and not empty American chatter.
Successful actions in Syria allowed Moscow to gain a foothold in the Arab arms market, depriving the US of several major contracts. It is known that the Russian weapons are already purchased by Jordan and Qatar. A few more countries are on the way. The creation of an Arab alliance like NATO will force the Arabs to switch back to the American arms market. These are billions of dollars, which will provide orders to the American defense industry for many years.
This year, under the pretext of opposing the false “Iranian threat”, Trump has already pulled out to the Arab monarchs hundreds of billions of dollars for weapons, which they did not need. Moreover, most Arab countries do not have enough experience to use it. This means that the Pentagon will ensure the presence of hundreds of its instructors in all Arab countries.
However, Washington’s main goal is to shift responsibility for any destabilization in the Middle East to its allies, remotely solve their problems (finances, lives) their own interests in the region. According to a number of analysts, by the creation of the “Arab NATO”, Washington simply plans at another’s expense to organize its triumphant return to the region as a leader.
Of course, the artificially imposed image of Iran as an “enemy of the whole Arab world” will allow the United States to overcome the differences between the members of the planned alliance in the short term. After all, it must include such irreconcilable opponents as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. In addition, Washington promises to establish a relationship of the alliance with Israel, which will only benefit the majority of the Arab states. However, in the long term, the alliance’s alleged goals are fraught with a great war in the Middle East. Which, by the way, will be beneficial only to the United States.

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